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10+ True Crime Podcasts For The Biggest Crime Fans

10+ True Crime Podcasts For The Biggest Crime Fans

Ready to put your detective hat on?

After all who doesn’t like crime podcasts? While I am sure you all know about Serial. One thing is for sure that we need more of it now that it has ended. Well, luckily we have a treat for you in store.


We have compiled some of the best crime podcasts for the biggest crime fans in our reader base. These podcasts will surely keep you at the edge of your seat the entire time. So scroll on below and take a look at 18 of our favorite crime podcasts.

#1 My favorite murder.



I am sure you all know about My favorite murder. After all it premiered in 2016. While people were not fully on board at the start as people didn’t know what to make of the humorous tone of these two amazing ladies.

However it has grown exponentially since that and has even broken download records.

#2 Criminal.


This is a bit different than any other crime podcast. While it uses the somewhat the same suspenseful storytelling as the Serial.  It rather works through the crime step-by-step engaging the listener.

#3 Casefile.

This podcast is quite a gem. You see the host proclaims that facts are scarier than fiction which is true enough. He might be anonymous but he does impeccable research into old cases before presenting them to the listener.


His podcast is quite addictive and you’ll want more by the end of each eisode.

#4 Real crime profile.

If you are looking for professional opinions that you’ve come to the right place. The hosts behind this podcast are Jim Clemente, criminal behavioral analyst Laura Richards, and casting director for CBS’s Criminal Minds Lisa Zambetti. They breeze through famous cases and alike  with a confidence unlike any other.


#5 Truth and justice.


If you want to participate in solving cases than Truth and justice is the podcast for you. As it is one of the best podcast where the host Bob listens to what the listeners have to say. It is currently in season 5 so you have a lot of podcasts to catch up on.

#6 Thin air.


This podcast is dedicated to investigating unsolved missing persons reports. It has great hands-on investigative work encompassed in amazing storytelling which gives the listener an experience unlike any other.

#7 Stranglers.


I am sure you have all heard about the Boston Strangler. Well this podcast talks extensively about the horrific murders that are related with this case. Boston Strangler was infamous from June 1952 to January 1964 and you can learn about many new never before heard voices, interviews with suspects, extensive original research and new conversations with the families of the victims.


#8 Thinking sideways.

If you’re looking for a new obsession than Thinking sideways is the podcast for you. They like to tackle weird suicides that look a lot like murders, weird noises and everything that falls in the ‘mysterious’ genre.

#9 Undisclosed.



This podcast works through cases where they think the verdict was ultimately wrong. They talk about evidence that was never  brought up and pay attention to the wrongful conviction of the justice system.

#10 The vanished.


The vanished likes to talk about the current missing person cases as they hope to direct more attention towards these people in hope that they might find the person. The podcast host is known for their empathy towards the victims families.


#11 Up and vanished.


This podcast tries to answer the many unanswered question posed when Tara Grinstead a former George Beauty Queen and high school teacher just up and vanished. Host Payne Lindsay goes through old information all the while uncovering new evidence.

#12 Accused.



As apparent by the name, this podcast analysis old murder cases with questionable verdicts to say the least. The cases which left us with one important question. ‘Was the right person caught?’ 

#13 Hollywood and crime.

This podcast shines light on the famous murders that have spanned many movies and TV shows and yet have never been solved. One of these murders include the body of a star-struck young woman named Elizabeth Short was discovered, severed at the waist. Or you might know her as the famous Black Dahlia.


Podcast host Tracy Pattin investigates these gruesome murders and tries to uncover new information.

#14 Generation why.


If you are new to crime podcasts, this might be the the podcast for you. There might not be anything exponentially groundbreaking here, however long time friends Aaron and Justin discuss many theories and offer well-rounded answers.


#15 Serial.

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Is anyone really surprised? I mean this list couldn’t be complete without the podcast that started it all. Season three is currently in the works so you have a lot of time to catch up on season one and two and let me tell you this podcast is something else.

Do you have any favorite crime podcast that we missed? Comment on below and let us know.