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These Pumpkin Purses Are The Perfect Halloween Accessory

These Pumpkin Purses Are The Perfect Halloween Accessory

Halloween is the perfect time for people to express themselves and show off their wonderfully custom-made outfits, but a problem that often occurs is the costumes seem to always miss that one little special accessory.

Well, fret no more, as we have now found the perfect item to add to your haunting Halloween costumes and they’re terrifyingly mesmerizing.

Credit – Love, Pain, and Stitches

These astounding Pumpkin Purses are courtesy of Love, Pain, and Stitches, a family run business that specializes in all kinds of Halloween-themed goodies.

The mother and son duo behind the company are responsible for all of the brilliant and spooky designs placed on their products, but none stands out more than their creepy Pumpkin Purses.

Credit – Love, Pain, and Stitches

As expected, the bags sell out incredibly fast, so anybody interested in buying one for themselves or as a gift for somebody else has to grab one AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

After the bags eventually sell out, it takes around two weeks for them to be re-stocked, so keep your eyes out to avoid missing the chance to get your very own Pumpkin Purse.

Love, Pain, and Stitches’ collection of new bags can be bought for anywhere between $50 to $220, and since they sell out quicker than they re-stock, it’s safe to say they’re definitely worth it.


You can head over to their official Instagram page – HERE – where you’re able to keep up to date with all of the latest additions to the Halloween-themed store.

For those concerned with the nature of the bags, Love, Pain, and Stitches are happy to announce that all of their Pumpkin Purse products are made with automotive-grade vinyl and are completely vegan friendly.

What do you think of these amazing Pumpkin Purses? Will you be treating yourself to one? Be sure to let us know any thoughts and opinions you have in the comments below.