Venom: Tom Hardy’s behind the scenes Training Video depicts “Darkest, Most Powerful Supervillain” Marvel Has Ever Created

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Tom Hardy: Pretty tough mix martial arts and kick boxing training video for his upcoming superhero film VENOM reveals very much about the fever pitch the viewers are expecting from main character Tom Hardy.

Tom Hardy

As this recently behind the scenes video clip released fans could expect Venom excessively powerful. This is the first training video clip of Tom Hardy as Venom showing the experience he has gone through.

Tom Hardy 1

Both trainers Mark Mene and Nathan Jones promised a villainous call which the fans have never been heard before. Mark Mene came up with the word “carnage” in the video should get fans keenly excited. Both of them are highly positive regarding Hardy’s preparation for physical role as key actor and said lot of positive things for him.

Nathan Jones

Tom Hardy 2

Tom Hardy in the title role incidentally connects with the alien symbiote and transformed into Venom.

Tom Hardy 3
Tom Hardy 4
Tom Hardy 5
Tom Hardy 6
Tom Hardy 7

Although principal photography was started in the late October 2017, movie plot is not much known yet. The movie is expected to be released in fall 2018.

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