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10+ Petrifying Vintage Halloween Masks That We Are Glad Are Gone For Good

10+ Petrifying Vintage Halloween Masks That We Are Glad Are Gone For Good

If you are among the people who think a lot is wrong with the world these days, wait until you see what the “good ol’ times” have in store. Now that it is Halloween time, let us take a gander at some vintage Halloween masks that were all the rage back in the day. Much to our dismay and horror, they are on a whole other level of racist, horrifying, shocking and stuff straight out of the worst nightmares. The level of disturbing that these vintage Halloween masks hit is a whole new one.


While Halloween remains a holiday of festive cheer and fun celebrations, you cannot help but wonder at what these mask costumes hint. In truth, mugger masks, alien masks and horrifyingly distorted Disney masks are not the best replication of the holiday spirit. On the darker side of things, however, there still remains an avid audience for such merchandise. Would you ever buy one of these?

The Lady On The Farm

Halloween Masks


The Lady on the Farm is a mask that leaves many people questioning what it is truly symbolic of, dutiful farmer or wicked plunderer? Perhaps, purpose is in the eye of the beholder.

Trick-Or-Treat Mugger

Halloween Masks 2017

It is unbeknownst whether this is a mask designed for children or adults. Regardless, it is equally terrifying in existence.


A Company Of Three

Halloween Masks ideas

Using children’s fairy tales as references for Halloween masks has always remained a tradition. But, does that still hold true when the result looks like this?

Infantile Adolescents 

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If your child cannot wait to be an adult, you might consider acquiring these morbid and soul-sapping masks for them. Perhaps the morbid outlook can shed light onto what adulthood is really like.

Wicked Pumpkin Snatcher

creepy Halloween masks

Halloween is incomplete without pumpkins. Similarly, what would Halloween be without a terrifying Pumpkin Snatcher?


Suckling Babe

Halloween Masks 2017

Drawing along the parallel of infantile adolescents, use this infant’s mask to transform yourself into a child once more this Halloween.

Pumpkin Patch Face

halloween masks ideas 2017


While everything around you may be decorated, designed and made out of pumpkin, that certainly does not call for a face graft lookalike pumpkin patch mask.

Hybrid Humans

creative halloween masks

Unsettling in every respect, the hybrid human Halloween mask is ideal for the sci-fi lovers and those obsessed with aliens.


Disfigured Donald Duck

Vintage Masks for Halloween

A Donald Duck Halloween mask that would do Walt Disney proud, indeed.

Games In The Dark

Vintage Halloween Masks 2017


Donning these scary masks will terrify you to even stare at yourself in the mirror. Perhaps this is why they are only used for games in the dark.

Stairwell Horrors

Masks for Halloween

Perfect for all ages, now you don’t have to shop individually for every family member. Just buy these witchy masks in bulk for the whole family.


Hello Satan!

Halloween Vintage Masks

You can be Satan for a day this year for Halloween. Care to wreak enough havoc to remind the whole town who Satan is.

Sackful Of Terror

Masks for Halloween


Now the young ones can participate in the festive spirit too while donning this horrifying Halloween mask. In all honesty it resembles gas masks.

The Gangs Of Halloween

Halloween Vintage Masks 2017

Ah, of course your local friendly neighborhood gang cannot miss the yearly party. Make sure to write them a spooky invitation this year.


Cardboard Style

Petrifying Vintage Halloween Masks

There’s something about these cardboard Halloween masks that speak to a higher level of despair and haunting.

Ranging from unidentifiable to downright grotesque, some of these masks look like they were used on the set of the making of classical horror movies. Boy, aren’t we glad that era is over. We certainly are better off without any vintage Halloween masks on the market. Wait… were these things sold?