The Destiny Halloween Masks Collection Is Awesome In Every Respect

Fans of the video game series titled Destiny are going absolute bonkers over the Halloween themed masks released based on the series. There are 17 masks in total released in the Festival Of The Lost are in huge demand but what most people don’t know is how to acquire them or even which are they. The following list will shed light on the largely debated topic and urge you to go out there and earn one or two for yourself.

Even if you yourself do not happen to be a massive video game fan, it will only take you one gander at these masks to become instantly mesmerized. Not only are they badass in their own right, but they emit an aura of identity quite unlike any Halloween mask you may have come across. Trust me, you’ll be clawing your way to make sure at least one of these beauties becomes yours and yours only.

Atheon’s Mask

Destiny Halloween Masks Collection

Crota’s Mask

Destiny Halloween Masks

Cryptarch’s Mask

Destiny Halloween Masks Ideas

Eris Morn Mask

Destiny Masks for Halloween

Exotic Engram Mask

Destiny Masks Collection

Legendary Engram Mask

Destiny Halloween Masks Collection 2017

Oryx Mask

Destiny Masks collection for halloween

Petra Venj Mask

Halloween Masks Collection

Traveler’s Mask

Destiny Halloween Masks Ideas

Rare Engram Mask

Halloween Destiny Masks

Skola’s Mask

Masks for Halloween

Skull Mask

Destiny Mask for Halloween 2017

Speaker’s Mask

Destiny Halloween Masks Ideas

Tiger Mask

Destiny Masks 2017

Uncommon Engram Mask

Destiny Masks collection for Halloween 2017

Warden’s Mask

Destiny Halloween Masks

Xur’s Mask

Halloween Destiny Masks 2017

Now that you have seen how awesome these Destiny Halloween masks are, don’t you wish you can grab ahold of them? These masks are released to the public at the Festival Of The Lost by Destiny that launched around Halloween time. The Halloween themed festival involves participating in games, consuming candy and winning prizes. Sign me up!

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