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Warning Signs Your Significant Other Is On The Verge Of Snapping

Warning Signs Your Significant Other Is On The Verge Of Snapping

When you first start dating or marry your significant other, it’s not running through your head that one day they might snap and turn into a murderer. They never showed any signs of violence towards you and have never made you feel uncomfortable or in harms way before. In fact, they’re some of the nicest people you have ever met- hence why you’re with them. However, it does happen a little too often and people fail to see the signs of their significant other slowly starting to turn. They’re small and subtle signs, ones that people often miss, and it’s time people start to pay attention just a little bit more when it comes to their significant others. I mean, when it comes to homicides, the significant other is always questioned first and more often than not, they are the killers behind it all.

Take a step back and read some of these warning signs. Everything may be good now, but you never know what could happen during a fit of rage. These are small signs that everyone should take note of so that way they remain safe- and maybe talk to your significant other before things escalate. Anything could be a trigger for them to turn so quickly on you, so make sure you take precautions just in case you feel uncomfortable or slightly scared when you and your significant other are in a fit of rage.

They Seemed To Be Liked By Everyone

Your Significant
Everyone will want to be their friend.

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Sure, this is a great quality to have! When it comes to showing off your significant other to people, you want everyone to like them as much as you do because then everyone will feel comfortable around them. However, when it comes to serial killers, they tend to take the extra step and go the extra mile to make everyone like them. They make sure they appear “normal” to everyone so that way they can blend in easy to the crowds and make everyone swoon over them. It’s proven that many serial killers are outstanding members in the community and was friends with EVERYONE around them- not a single soul hated them. It’s a tactic that they use to cover up their dark and sinister inner self so they could be less suspicious.

They Buy Things They Don’t Need

Your Significant
They keep buying and buying and buying. It never seems to stop.

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This seems a bit odd, but poor impulse control is a sure sign of aggressive and uncontrollable behavior. If your significant other is always changing their minds at the last minute or are randomly buying things they do not need at the store, it can be linked to a serial killer in the making. They’re inconsistency makes them unpredictable because you never know what might change.

They Put You On A Pedestal

They Put You On A Pedestal
You’ll be on the pedestal forever. 

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This is one of the most famous acts that a true psychopath does with their victims. They put you in front of everyone and make you feel like you’re the only person in the world to them. They’ll constantly stare at you in ways that may make you feel uncomfortable and they’ll become obsessed with everything you do. Sure, it’s sweet at first because it makes you feel better knowing there’s no one else in your partners life, but it slowly turns creepy as the admiration and the “love” becomes extremely intense.

They’re Extremely Jealous

They're Extremely Jealous
They can be jealous of everyone and everything.

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One of the main indications that someone has serial killer tendencies is that they are EXTREMELY jealous. They’ll get jealous over your family, friends, the same s**, opposite s**- anyone. This behavior can progress to angriness and threats that will force you to make a decision at one point of your life. They’ll check your phone when you’re not looking or they’ll show up to places you’re at to make sure no one else is near you, making it creepy and stalker status. They’re jealousy can ultimately turn into a huge fit of rage that no one can escape.

They Have Brain Damage

They Have Brain Damage
Ask them if they ever had a serious injury. It may explain a few things.

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Studies show that if someone suffers from brain damage, then they are at risk of having violent behavior as they continue to grow up in life. They’ll start arguments or during arguments they will throw things or yell at you, creating an unsafe environment. They will make you feel scared that something bad is going to happen, which is one of the ways a serial killer snaps on their victims. It’s scary and uncontrollable.

They Constantly Say People Are Plotting Against Them

They Constantly Say People Are Plotting Against Them
They’ll think their friends are going against them.

Image via: New Health Advisor

Nowadays, it’s common to have some sort of paranoia and anxiety. It’s nothing bad, people have some anxiety and paranoia that they can’t control. However, it starts to become worrisome when your significant other shows signs of delusional behavior and turns the anxiety and paranoia into something that you should really start to watch out for. They start to make claims that they are extremely paranoid because people are out to get them or they’re being wrongfully persecuted every single day. They start to feel like everyone is plotting against them for some unknown reason, which triggers intense fear, victimization, and rejection. All of these things can trigger a snap-like behavior, making them become seriously violent and aggressive towards you- even if you didn’t do anything.

They Don’t Cry At Sad Parts of Movies

They Don't Cry At Sad Parts of Movies
If they don’t cry at this part, then you might want to look into it. 

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No, it’s not just them trying to be tough during the movies and showing that they don’t cry. It’s them not being able to show emotions during a difficult time and they have an inability to understand what you or others are feeling. These are key indicators that someone is a psychopath and that they are going to be snapping some time soon, which is something you need to be aware of. Sociopaths, as well as psychopaths, are well known to not be able to sympathize with others, making it difficult to connect with them on an emotional level. This could indicate a plethora of things, so make sure you keep an eye out for this.

They Charm You Into Things You Normally Wouldn’t Do

They Charm You Into Things You Normally Wouldn't Do
Make sure they don’t charm you too much.

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Serial killers have a way of charming people into their trap and making them fall victim to their tendencies. They usually know what to say at the right time during the right situation and make you feel like they are truly there for you. People who analyze serial killers agree that they know how to grasp their emotions and use people’s vulnerableness against them so they could convince them to do things they normally wouldn’t do. It’s a sick and manipulative way for your significant other to get what they want, and that’s for you to listen to them.

You Think You Get Your Way A Lot

You Think You Get Your Way A Lot
You’ll think it’s your way or the highway.

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When psychiatrists dig deep into the mind of serial killers, they came to the conclusion that they like to make sure their significant other is constantly pleased with them and that they are satisfied with being with them. Unfortunately, victims don’t really realize that they’re being manipulated by their significant other until it’s too late, and that is something everyone should be aware about. They’ll make you believe that it’s your way or the highway, which will only lead them to plot their plan perfectly against you.

They Order For You At Restaurants

They Order For You At Restaurants
Put your order in before they do it for you.

Image via: Restaurant Piramida

If you’re excited about going out to eat with your significant other or dinner dates are a common thing for you guys, make sure they aren’t ordering your food. If your significant other is somewhat controlling, then this is one of the key signs that they are a serial killer. They often want to have as much control over you as possible that they refrain from giving you some type of information so you’re constantly giving them attention. If your significant other begins to order food for you at the restaurant without asking you or are telling you not to worry about who’s on the other end of the phone, you might want to look deeper into the situation and see who you’re really dating.

They Can’t Control Their Emotions

They Can't Control Their Emotions
They become angry out of nowhere.

Image via: FMV Magazine

Serial killers have a hard time controlling how they feel about certain things, especially when they’re angry. They tend to have explosive fits of rage and will make you feel extremely unsafe and uncomfortable. If you’re significant other tends to shout at you, explodes with rage, or becomes extremely physically violent with you, then this is a sure sign they’re going to end up hurting you really, really badly one day.

They Seek Cheap Thrills

They Seek Cheap Thrills
They can be extreme adrenaline junkies. 

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Psychologists associated cheap thrills or thrill seeking tendencies with serial killers because it shows a sure sign of mental instability. They have a tendency to do extreme things so that way they can constantly keep you on your toes and make you think that they’re constantly risking their life, even though they’re just used to the adrenaline. Soon, they’ll take you on dangerous stunts and activities, making you become afraid for your life.

They Can’t Control Themselves Liquor or Drugs

They Can't Control Themselves Liquor or Drugs
Make sure your partner isn’t abusing alcohol or drugs. 

Image via: Recovery

Becoming a raging alcoholic or drug addict is one of the signs that your significant other has serial killer tendencies. With the combination of the two or just having one in their system, it could lead to an even more violent rage that you’ve never experienced before and can lead you into a pretty vicious argument. They are the main element in homicide and can be a triggering event for you and your significant other. Make sure you watch their drinking and that they aren’t doing it too excessively, or else it could turn into something worse.

Make sure you pay attention to these warning signs and keep an eye on your significant other. If you start to feel uncomfortable or you believe you’re in trouble, then I would seek some help and remove yourself from the situation before it gets worse. Spouse homicide is increasing, so make sure you’re aware of what your significant other does and if anything seems out of the ordinary, make sure you start taking notes and seeking professional help.