Just in case you’re worried that the title of this article is clickbait, I’ll put your mind at ease. It isn’t.

There really is a place where participants can win 20,000 dollars if they make it through a haunted house experience. McKamey Manor in the U.S. offers contestants a shot at the cash if they can just make it to the other side of the experience. Sounds easy, right?

‘Hold my beer!’ I hear you cry.

But wait.

As any fan of horror will tell you, in every haunted house flick, there is a point at which the protagonist choses to continue when most of us mere mortals, would have run screaming. How many times have you found yourself hollering at the screen when ‘she’ opens the door she shouldn’t open or ‘he’ goes into the exact dark cellar ‘where the damn noise is coming from’! We’ve all been there.

Well, before you dive into this challenge with both feet, perhaps consider the information below, and avoid becoming just such a protagonist, starting with the fact that so far, nobody has managed to complete the course. As in, not one. Nobody. Ever.

If that wasn’t off putting enough, consider the fact that you have to sign a waiver before you enter, a waiver that extends to forty, yes, count them, forty pages. Considering most waivers on bungee jumps and sky dives are a maximum of two pages, that’s a little perturbing.

As are the revelations that you must be over 21, have proof of medical insurance, pass a drug test, watch a 120mins film and think up a ‘safe word’ before you head in. Hmmmm….

That the owner is only charging the price of some dog food to participate is also a spider sense tingling nugget of information that should have you thinking twice, but if even that doesn’t make you turn back, take into account the fact throughout this entire, terrifying experience you are forbidden to swear. That’s right, no f bombs, no shouting ‘s***!’ when something jumps out you, no cursing. Period.

In the words of a very wise man: “F*@k that”.

For more information visit the Mckamey Manor website. If you dare.