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13 Reasons Why Rats Defy Expectations

13 Reasons Why Rats Defy Expectations

Let’s be honest, rats certainly don’t have the best reputation in the animal kingdom, but with rat owners across the globe, it may be worth reevaluating how you look at these rodents. Domesticated rats have been proven to have high levels of intelligence, they keep themselves extremely clean and are incredibly social, which helps in making them the perfect pet. Here’s a list of some great examples of why these adorable critters might be due a second chance.


1 . They Crush Interspecies Boundaries.

2 . They Are Incredibly Fashionable…

3 . Whilst Also Being Incredibly Portable.

4 . They Get Along With Each Other…

5 . As Well As With Everyone Else.

6 . They Are Happy To Snack On Anything…

7 . And We Mean Anything.

8 . They Even Copy Your Hobbies!

9 . They Can Sleep Just About Anywhere

10 . They Always Get In The Festive Spirit.

11 . They Are Adorable Right From The Get Go.

12 . They Are At One With Nature

13 . They Are Constantly Curious