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Check Out These Beautifully Horrific Ceramic Art Designs

Check Out These Beautifully Horrific Ceramic Art Designs

Mitchell Grafton is a full-time ceramic artist who makes beautifully unique and weirdly wonderful works of art from Panama City, Florida.

Grafton is unlike any other ceramic artist and instead of focusing on the function or form of his work, he combines the two and welcomes us into a world full of fascinating creations while every one of his products stays perfectly functional.

The artist specializes in “face jugs”, a quite humorous but insanely detailed style of art that can be used for either display purposes, whether that’s in a museum or beside your collection of unusual art, or for its traditional purpose.

Whether you’re seeking ceramic art of blood-sucking monsters, humans being mauled by animals, unusual/scary face designs, or anything in between, Grafton has designed just what you’re looking for.

Dull and uninspiring are two words never associated with the man’s work. Don’t believe us? Check out some of his outstanding artwork below!

This creepy-looking witches cat is a wonderfully detailed piece that remains completely functional. You can use this as a Halloween decor or even pour your tea with it.

This Octopus tank complete with an armored man controlling the gun is another fabulous bit of art, but there are hundreds more, all unique, and all filled with Grafton’s exclusive art style.

Some are fairly straightforward (by Mitchell Grafton’s standards).

And some are not.

He even has a range of horror-type artworks, with this creepy clown being our pick of the bunch.

Whether you’re a fan of ceramic art or not, there’s just no denying that the detail and skill exploding out of his work is nothing short of phenomenal.

If you are interested in seeing more of Mitchell Grafton’s strangely lovable ceramic art, you can visit his page on ArtOdyssey which has an unbelievable collection of pictures from his stunning work.