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Arrest Made in ‘Satanic’ Sheep Killings Case

Arrest Made in ‘Satanic’ Sheep Killings Case

An arrest has been made in the UK after a number of ‘Satanic’ and ‘cult like’ killings of livestock, which have occurred near The New Forrest over the last several months, including a number of sheep which were then daubed with occult symbols. 

The killings of sheep near the New Forest extend back to November last year. The gruesome circumstances surrounding the seemingly ritualistic killings made headlines late last year and  detailed how one sheep had been impaled with an inscribed pitchfork and left beside an inverted cross made from hay.

In another incident, a sheep was killed and spray-painted with pentagrams, whilst still another was sliced open and its entrails pulled out. In the same period a number of cows were stabbed with a sharp instrument and a local church had occult symbols and the number ‘666’ spray-painted onto its doors. 

Speaking about the incident Reverend David Bacon noted the long historg of witchcraft related activity in the area. “There’s been witchcraft round here for hundreds of years – the New Forest is well known for witchcraft and black magic happening, and this has obviously gone up a level.”

A 41 year old man has been arrested on criminal damage charges.