Do You Think You Can Live With A Psychopath?

The beginning of John’s ad on Craigslist.

The beginning of John's ad on Craigslist

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If you are a fan of Craigslist and enjoy looking at the strange advertisements people put on there, then you will get a kick out of this one. Why? Because for $250 a month, you can live with this man who claims to be a psychopath. As people have read through his expectations, they claim that they really aren’t that bad and even though the description is odd,  it is pretty fair.

So, what is the description and requirements like?

His listing starts by saying that he is a single, divorced white male who has blonde hair. He then mentions that he has a “beard that is a Priest and Minister that was written about in the Bible before evil translators removed my name”. By now, I’m sure all of you are turning your heads like I am as I reread that over and over again, and yes, those are his exact words from his listing. The listing gets even more odd as he says that his house is his church and that he is claiming himself to be God’s only real Priest and Minister. Don’t worry, it gets even stranger when he says that he has raised a girl from the dead for the 3rd time after she was dead for a week, he has healed people, and has exorcised Satan himself and other powerful demons. A little peculiar, don’t you think?

The beginning of his description

The beginning of his description. 

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So, what is living with him like? Well, he says in his ad that you can live with him, if you are a woman, and can share the bedroom with him or sleep in the living room of the house. He explains that you will have to share the kitchen with him, he recently discovered that he has hot water, and you may need to purchase a refrigerator. Yes, you may need to buy a refrigerator. However, he continues to explain that he has a microwave you can use as well a crockpot that he is willing to share with you, but he is retired and has food stamps. So far, it’s not so bad, though, right? He has a microwave for you to use and has a bathroom with a door that you can close for privacy.

Address blurred out for privacy

Address blurred out for privacy. 

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To continue on with his ad, he says that he can share some tables and chairs with you, but he has no bed for you to use and says you can bring your own bed or buy an air mattress because he has a pump to pump it up. You don’t have to worry about television either because he has a “very light flat screen television that is connected to a very big antenna and converter box in my bedroom with a long cable on it and I get free TV service this way and pick up TV stations mainly from Mobile Alabama and get some stations from Pensacola Florida where I live”. He says that he gets some news channels, movie channels, religious channels, and history channels. He goes on to say that there is no charge for the television service but if you do have your own television and you bring it then you need to let him know so he can get a converter box for you. He said that he would also charge you $50-$70 because he would need to get a cable long enough to reach the antenna in his room.

Address blurred for privacy

Address blurred for privacy. The conclusion of his ad. 

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The man soon reveals that his name is John and that he has a lawnmower to cut the grass, and that he would charge you for half of its gas and half of the electric utility bill since he’s charging $250 for rent. He continues his add by letting the readers know that he is not a gay man and that he is a heterosexual man, and refers back to saying that if you are a woman you can watch television in his room or in the kitchen where he will be.

An area in this man's house

An area in this man’s house. 

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To conclude his post, he just gives you a general idea of where he is and where his house is located. He gives an extremely detailed description of it so that way you don’t have a hard time finding it. He also attaches pictures of the house and him so that way you can see what he looks like, what his house looks like on the outside and the inside, and some of the appliances he has. Check out the images below! So, do you think you can live with this man who’s been deemed a psychopath?

Showing that his television works.

Showing that his television works

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The outside of his home.

The outside of his home

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An image of a room and a door in his house.

An image of a room and a door in his house

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His bedroom.


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The kitchen area.

The kitchen area

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The microwave you can use.

The microwave you can use

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His television and the stand it is on.


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His living room.

His living room

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