A trend seems to be developing where iconic horror-houses are opened to the public, and now along with Leatherface’s residence from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the creepy haunted farmhouse where The Conjuring took place is ready to be a tourist attraction.

Cory and Jennifer Heinzen recently bought the historic farmhouse, and are willing to make it a public attraction after admitting the house is undeniably still haunted.

The Conjuring

Their plan is to fix it up, to uphold and tell of its history. The farmhouse could be open up to visitors as soon as this year, with mid-to-late 2020 being the ideal timeframe for the Heinzen’s.

When referring to the house, Cody expressed his and his wife’s immediate love for it, stating it’s a beautiful home that has both a river and pond in the back. (via Press Herald).

There’s a strange fascination surrounding the farmhouse that will undoubtedly bring a lot of attention to the Heinzen’s residence upon its opening to the public.