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10+ Creepy Coincidences Throughout History You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

10+ Creepy Coincidences Throughout History You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

All throughout history, there have been strange occurrences that have happened between people or events. People today are still searching to find some type of explanation as to why these occurrences have happened. Some of these will send chills down your spine and make you rethink if you have had any weird or creepy occurrences yourself throughout your life time. Maybe you have and you just don’t know it yet.


What Are Creepy Coincidences?

Creepy coincidences are events that happen either at the exact same time but in different areas, one person that has the same exact name and lifestyle of another person, or a plethora of other things. Some coincidences are so terrifyingly creepy that people to this day refuse to believe that they actually happened. These coincidences have been documented from hundreds of years ago, maybe even thousands of years ago, and have been talked about throughout the remainder of time. People today are still trying to figure out how these particular coincidences have happened by creating conspiracy theories to maybe help explain them. Nonetheless, some of these coincidences will make you question reality and have you believing that they truly did not actually happen. But, the truth is- they did.

1. Hugh Williams

Hugh Williams


An eerie photo of a shipwrecked boat sitting upon a shore. 

Source: History.CO.UK

This name is one of the most infamous names throughout history- and shipwrecks. The triggering event of the creation of this creepy occurrence circulating this name was in 1660 when there was an awful shipwreck in the Dover Straits. When rescuers came to the scene, the only man that survived this tragedy was Hugh Williams. The next event happened in 1767 where there was another tragic shipwreck that happened to be in the same area as the one in 1660. It was revealed that the only survivor was a man named Hugh Williams. The creepy coincidence of these two survivors having the same name doesn’t stop there. In 1820, a ship capsized on the Thames, leaving there to be only one survivor by the name of Hugh Williams. The ending of this creepy coincidence was in 1940 where a ship was destroyed by a German mine. Again, as rescuers came to the scene, there were surprisingly only two survivors from this tragic event. The two survivors happened to be uncle and nephew, and oddly enough, both of their names were Hugh Williams.


2. Babies Falling From The Sky

Babies Falling From The Sky

This was considered a safe way for babies to play outside when families didn’t have access to green areas for them to play in. 

Source: Godownsize


You read that correct. In 1937, a young mother is deemed as irresponsible as her baby fell from a fourth-story building window. Luckily, a person by the name of Joseph Figlock was walking under the window while sweeping where the baby had fallen at the same time and was struck by the infant on his head and shoulders. Despite these two people sustaining minor injuries, both Joseph and the baby survived. What a relief, right? Unfortunately, a year later, the same incident occurred. Another mother was not watching her child, two-year-old David Thomas, fell out of a high story building window. Joseph Figlock was sweeping an alley way and was again struck by a falling infant, and again, both Joseph and David survived and had minor injuries.

3. The Infamous Miss Unsinkable

The Infamous Miss Unsinkable

The infamous Miss Unsinkable in her uniform. 


Source: Express.CO.UK

Violet Jessup was a well known name throughout history as the person who refused to sink. The start of her creepy coincidence sequence started when she was a stewardess and nurse on the HMS Olympic. During her time on the ship, it had crashed into the HMS Hawke. Later on in her life, she was also on the HMHS Britannic where this ship unfortunately sank after it had struck a sea mine. To conclude her odd coincidences, she was also on board of the famous Titanic the night it had struck the iceberg and sank to the bottom of the ocean. From these occurrences, she gained the popular name of Miss Unsinkable since she survived all of these mishaps.

4. Ferrari Company Founder or Football Player?

Ferrari Company Founder or Football Player


Side by side images of Enzo and Mesut. Can these really be the same people?

Source: DailyStar.CO.UK

Over the past few years, the Internet has been bombarding its users with images of celebrities that look somewhat identical to a person from the past. These matches have been spot on to the point of where people are questioning time travel. In this creepy coincidence, not only does this person look like the founder of Ferrari, but he is somehow associated with the founders death. Enzo Ferrari was the founder of Ferrari and sadly died on August 14, 1988. A month later, however, a baby was born by the name of Mesut Özil was born on October 15, 1988 and rose to be a football player. Looking at the side-by-side pictures, people have speculated that this is proof of reincarnation. What do you think?


5. West Side Baptist Church

West Side Baptist Church

The aftermath of the destructive fire of the church. 

Source: Mysteries Over Martinis


In Beatrice, Nebraska, the West Side Baptist Church held choir practice every Wednesday at 7:20pm. People were expected to be there on time and not a minute later because this church was known to start their choir practices precisely at 7:20pm and not a minute later. Ironically, though, on Wednesday, March 1st, 1950, the church underwent a tragic demise at it exploded. The cause of this explosion was because of a gas leak somewhere within the church. The creepy coincidence in this story is that all 15 members of the choir, as well as the choir director, were unharmed because for different reasons, they were all running late that evening. The church exploded at 7:27pm.

6. Social Security Fraud

Social Security Fraud

An image of a blank social security guard. 


Source: Pinterest

It’s scary when your identity gets stolen and a person has every single ounce of your personal information. This includes your bank information, your credit/debit card(s) information, your birthday and name, and your social security number. Two women believed that they were given the same social security number because of a computer error and went into an office to register a complaint about this mishap. Upon their complaint, chills went down their spine as they discovered a few things: they both had the same name, Patricia Ann Campbell; they were both oddly enough born on the same day, March 13, 1941; both of these women’s fathers were known as the same name, Robert Campbell; both of these women married in 1959 to men who were in the military; and lastly, they both had children who were the same age, 21 and 19.

7. The Omen Wasn’t Just A Scary Movie

The Omen Wasn't Just A Scary Movie


A still photo of Damian from The Omen. 

Source: Den of Geek

The Omen has been deemed one of the most haunting movies of horror movie history because of its creepy demeanor and the haunting and creepy story it told. People working on the set claimed there were some creepy coincidences and occurrences that had happened during filming this movie, but deemed this coincidence being the creepiest of them all. The crew of this movie once hired a private jet but it cancelled the last minute. After cancelling, the private jet soon tragically crashed onto a road it was near. This made an additional to cars crash. The pilot of this private jet had unfortunately crashed into the car that held both his wife and children. Sadly, no one survived this tragic line of events.


8. The Story of King Umberto

The Story of King Umberto

An image of King Umberto I. 

Source: Britannica


This creepy coincidence has a bone chilling storyline. On July 28th, 1900, King Umberto I of Italy decided to go out to dinner that night and went to a small restaurant in Monza. During his time here, the owner took the King’s order and was ironically called Umberto as well. As the order was being taken, the King and the owner slowly realized that the two of them were apparent virtual doubles. As the night went on, both men sat down with one another and soon discovered that they had more similarities than differences. For starters, both of these men were married on the same day, which was March 14th, 1844 and happened to have their weddings in the same town named Turin. This tale of a creepy coincidence runs deeper as they discovered that they both married a women named Margherita and that the restaurant had opened the same day Umberto became King. After a self discovering night for the two Umberto’s the King sadly discovered that the restaurant owner had tragically died in what some called a mysterious shooting. The King then expressed his regret to a crowd, and this is where an anarchist in the group rose from the crowd and assassinated the King.

9. Karma Finds Its Way

Karma Finds Its Way

What the tree may have looked like after Henry blew it up before the bullet became dislodged. 


Source: Filter Copy

In 1883, Henry Ziegland broke off his relationship with his girlfriend at the time. Due to the distress and heartbreak she was undergoing, she unfortunately committed suicide. The girl had a brother who was enraged by what had happened between Ziegland and his sister, leading him to blame Ziegland for the death of his sister. The brother then set off on a mission to hunt down Ziegland and when he found him, shot him. By the way the brother shot him, he believed that he had killed Ziegland, leading him to kill himself. However, the brother unfortunately did not live to see that Ziegland had actually lived. The bullet had only grazed his face and became lodged in a near-by tree. From this day, Ziegland claimed that he was one of the luckiest men to be alive. Years later, Ziegland returned to the same spot where he was shot at and wanted to cut down a large tree. Since he was having a difficult time cutting this tree down, he decided to blow the tree up. Ziegland, however, did not realize the tree he was blowing up had the bullet that was shot at him in it and when the wood from the tree exploded, the bullet had become dislodged from the tree and ultimately killed Ziegland.

10. A Bone Chilling Picture


What this creepy image looks like. 

Source: Mind Cafe

In the year 1914, a German mother wanted to purchase an individual photogenic plate for a picture of her infant son. After getting the picture, she took the plate to a local shop in Strasbourg to have the photo fully developed. Due to war breaking out near the mother, she unfortunately was never able to pick up the picture of her baby son. Two years later, she moved to Frankfurt and wanted to purchase another photogenic plate so she had a picture of her new born child. Happily, she was able to pick up this photo and when she did she noticed something off about the picture of her daughter. Behind her daughter was a faint picture of her son from when she purchased a photogenic plate for his picture two years prior. It was well known throughout this time that photogenic plates were reused time and time again, however, this photogenic plate was not cleared properly and was sold to the same woman 100 miles away, creating an ominous, disturbing, ghostly photo of her two children together.


11. Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Mark Twain’s quote about Halley’s Comet and how he wants to leave Earth with it. 

Source: Pinterest


Mark Twain was one of the most iconic persons throughout history and has been quoted as one of the most intelligent men of all time. This creepy coincidence, though, revolves around the start of his life and the end of his life. Twain was born on the day Halley’s Comet showed itself to Earth in 1835. Ironically, Twain passed away Halley’s Comet returned to Earth in 1910. This creepy coincidence gets creepier. Mark Twain had actually predicted when he would die. In 1909, he had stated that he arrived on this Earth in 1835 when Halley’s Comet had arrived. He then said that it was coming next year, and he expects to go out with it.

12. The Taxi Driver

The Taxi Driver

What one of the taxi’s looks like in Bermuda.


Source: The Onion Patch

During the year 1975, a tragic event had happened when a moped driver in Bermuda was sadly killed by a taxi driver. The creepy coincidence in this tragic story happens a year later where the previous moped driver’s brother was killed while he was riding the same exact moped his brother was on the same exact street. It was soon discovered that the same exact taxi driver had killed the two brothers and was also carrying the same exact passenger.

13. JFK and Lincoln Have More In Common Than We Thought

JFK and Lincoln


JFK on the right and Abraham Lincoln on the left. 

Source: Cat Dumb

These two beloved Presidents will make you love them more when you realize how much they actually had in common. For starters, Lincoln had been elected into Congress during the year 1846, won his election in 1860, and his inauguration was held in 1861. A century later, JFK was elected into Congress in 1946, won his election in 1960, and had his inauguration in 1961. Secondly, they both had Vice Presidents that shared the last name of Johnson. Lastly, both of these Presidents were tragically shot in the back of the head and were sadly assassinated in front of their wives. This gets creepier when you realize that Lincoln was shot in Ford’s Theater and JFK was shot in a Lincoln, which was ironically made by Ford. Both of these Presidents were killed on a Friday.


14. A Tale of Twins

A Tale of Twins

What Helsinki actually looks like.

Source: Visit Helsinki


In the year 2002, a seventy-year-old man was enjoying a bike ride and was attempting to cross a highway where he was tragically killed by a lorry 600 kilometers north of Helsinki. Two hours earlier, however, and about 1.5 kilometers away, another seventy-year-old man was tragically killed on his bike by a lorry while he was trying to cross a highway on his bike and was 600 kilometers north of Helsinki. These two seventy-year-old men were brothers, actually, were identical twin brothers.

15. Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

The cover of this famous predictable book. 


Source: Genius

As soon as this story came to light, many people started to claim that Edgar Allan Poe had a time machine and traveled to the future and wrote a book about what had happen, or, that he just simply predicted the future. In the 19th century, Poe wrote a book called “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym”. This particular story was about four survivors of a shipwreck that were left on an boat for days and days until they finally decided to kill the cabin boy and eat him. The cabin boy was named Richard Parker. In 1884, the Mignonette, had crashed and there were only four remaining survivors that were left on an open boat for days and days. Eventually, the three senior members on the open boat decided to kill the cabin boy and eat him. Ironically, the cabin boys name was Richard Parker.

16. Practice What You Preach

Practice What You Preach


What led to Danie’s death was this type of peppermint. 

Source: Pinterest

At the age of 49, a South African astronomer named Danie du Toit was giving a lecture about death. During this lecture, he told his audience members that death is unpredictable and it could come at any time, at any moment, at any day of the week. After giving this excellent speech, he put a peppermint into his mouth and sat down. As he was sitting down, he started to choke, which eventually lead to his immediate death.


17. Twins Share Everything

The flag of Great Britain, where this story takes place. 

Source: Wikipedia


In Great Britain, there were twin brothers by the names of Arthur and John Mowforth. These twins lived 80 miles apart from each other and on the same night, May 22, 1975, they both fell extremely ill with severe chest pains. During this time, each family of the other brother had no knowledge that the other was sick, making this creepy coincidence even creepier. At around the same time, the two twin brothers were rushed to completely separate hospitals and unfortunately, both died from heart-attacks a short while after they arrived.

18. The Simpsons Predict The Future

The Simpsons Predict The Future

Just a few of the screenshots that people believe prove that the Simpson’s did in fact predict the presidency of Donald Trump. 


Source: Snopes

When President Trump was elected as President, conspiracy theorists lit up the Internet with this insane theory that the Simpson’s had actually predicted President Trump’s winning back in the year 2000. In fact, people started looking at the episode in which President Trump had won and were starting to sync up a few of President Trump’s appearances in 2016/2017. People have pointed out things that during the episode of the Simpsons, you can see President Trump waving to people while he is going down an escalator and in the background there is a person that drops the poster they were holding. Then, people played a clip during the year 2016/2017 where President Trump is riding down an escalator waving to people and in the background, a person drops their sign the same way they did in the episode. The Simpsons have been known to predict things in their shows, but this one sent chills down everyones spines.

These creepy coincidences are just a few among the actual coincidences that have happened throughout history. They are often at times shocking and extremely creepy while others make you really sit down and think extra hard about how these things strangely occurred at the same time. What do you think of these coincidences? Have you heard of any? Be aware, too, because you never know when a creepy coincidence might just happen with you.