For those of you struggling to find something perfect to buy your loved one this valentines (and not in the market for a life sized human heart made of chocolate, see our article here) this might be the perfect list for you. has compiled a list of the best Dracula products available and some of them are just ‘to die for’. 

The list has a particularly bibliophilic slant to it (it is from book riot after all) and is undoubtedly aimed more at those who are fans of Stoker’s novel than the films (though of course many are huge fans of both, this vamp included) but there is no doubt that anyone with a penchant for the peculiar will find the list intriguing. 

Covering everything from Dracula inspired clothing to candles, mugs, teas and jewellery, you should be able to find something in here that will bring a smile to your Vamp obsessed valentine’s face. 

Admittedly, it is a little late to order on the 13th of Feb, but you can always get around that by saying you wanted to mimic Jonathan Harker’s letters and journal in not getting there on time just for authenticity (someone somewhere will fall for that I’m sure). Or you could come clean and say that you were waiting to find that perfect gift. 

Below are some of our favourite suggestions, you can find the entire list at 

Dracula skirt. 

This little number (done up in black with not a hint of irony) has text from Stoker’s novel printed around it in white and red in suitably archaic font. Striking but equally quite subtle. 

Dracula replica handbag

A handbag made up into the size and shape of the actual tome itself so that the bag looks like a book. This one has a  gorgeously lurid blood red with black and white print. 

Dracula book earrings

Dangly and devilishly decorative, these ear ornaments are again made up to look like the book itself and would be perfect for a Valentine’s evening meal…or a halloween one. Though they might draw attention to the slight pointedness of the ears…

Manuscript print

A framed replica of Stoker’s original pen written notes for Dracula, yellowed paper, gothic scrawlings of historical significance. Perfect on the wall of any home or decaying castle. 

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