8 Creepy Surface Websites That Aren’t For The Faint Of Heart

The Internet isn’t just for social media and cat videos anymore. Here are eight websites you can go to right now that will make it harder for you to sleep at night.

Here are Most Creepy Websites of The Internet: 

1. Take This Lollipop

This is more of an experience more than anything but it will make you lose sleep and will make you more self-conscious. This program very carefully combs through your Facebook and presents you with a look through the eyes of your virtual stalker. It builds it based on your posts, likes, comments and builds an eerily creepy look into your life through another person’s eyes. This whole thing isn’t scary or weird it just makes you squirm at the idea of being completely vulnerable to a stranger. It’s much like have people watching you through your webcam unknowingly.

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2. The Joy Of Satan

If you end up summoning something that causes serious bodily harm, then you can’t blame me. This site details the summoning of demons, devils, and Satan himself. If that really isn’t your thing then you can take a look at devoting your soul to Satan and how to go about that. I could go on and on with quips about Satan and all the features this site has to offer. But as much as I am turned away, it makes for an interesting read. It includes a viewpoint that most people turn away from and overall the most level headed on this list.

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3. The Human Experiment’s

Now this one is extremely detailed and curious as much as it is depressing. These sites detail the experimentation with different conditions on the human body. Despite it not have been updated in the past few years, it contains the details of how different conditions affect the human body. The things that they start with the simple things (i.e overheating and freezing) and how that affects the body. It goes all the way to the more painful of starvation, lack of hydration, and isolation. The plot thickens when you find out how these experiments find their patients. The rumor goes that they are performed on homeless people taken off the street. Whether that is true or not the experiments and their details are truly chilling. I have searched the site and have determined that it lies deeper on the internet than I am willing to go.

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4. Open Webcams

Are you being watched? Check your webcam because God knows if it’s on. This site is dedicated to the art of spying on people through cameras and usual without them knowing. There are plenty of random Russian traffic cam’s, but there are some security camera’s that are in people’s home. If you think this is bad, think about the fact that this site is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to anonymously spying via webcams and security camera. The possibilities of being spied on are creepy enough, but thinking that every camera around you could be live streaming to anywhere in the world is another beast altogether.

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5. The Fifth Nail

This blog reads like a serial killer’s manifesto, history, and experience on death row. Now the funny thing is, this blog is exactly that. It chronicles the story of Joseph E. Duncan III and his story from death row. He confessed to two murders but it believed that he killed at least 15 people. The serial killer and sex offender is convicted of life in prison and capital punishment. This blog has posts pieces dating back to at least 2012 with over 50 posts along the way. Now if you wondering how a convicted murderer has access to Blogspot well you aren’t alone. Apparently, this man sends his pieces to another person who then posts them online for him. So now is your chance to get into the head of convicted murderer and sex offender.

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6. White Power Milk

Weird doesn’t begin to describe this product. That’s right this is something that you can purchase for your very own and oh boy is it unique. Bare with me here, but this is milk gargled in a white woman’s mouth and that’s the product. They sell you milk that has been ‘purified’ and the whole process is documented on their website (yes, even videos). You can choose the model who gargles the milk, the percentage, and the quality of the milk. It’s weird and yet the thought process behind it sound in their logic but weird nonetheless.

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7. The Bareback Forums

I am still trying to wrap my head around this site and sites like it. It’s one of the more unique and purpose driven sites that I have seen. It features males that have H.I.V/A.I.D.S and their search for people to share it with. There are people looking for a consensual relationship and a partner to have for the rest of their days. However, it does take a dark turn when there are also people bragging about all the people they have passed the disease onto and looking to do it again. I understand that it is a controllable disease in this day and age but it is in a way forcing someone into a ball and chain for the rest of their life. The link above is only one such example of this. If you are wondering why the picture is a horse, it’s because it was the best SFW picture I could find for this particular site.

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8. Stillborn Angels

If you want to be thoroughly creeped out, then look no further than the link above. This site is a posting board that helps women get over their stillborn children. Sounds helpful enough, however, the way they do this is the disturbing part. They either make life-like versions of their deceased children or dress up their deceased children. This makes for so very disturbing images are just simply unsettling. It won’t be the weirdest one the list, but something about dressing up your dead baby just makes my head spin and insides spin around. Don’t get me wrong, coping with the loss of a loved one is tough however some ways are creepier than others.

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