Home Lifestyle Disney Celebrates #Halfway2Halloween With Haunted Mansion Funko Pops

Disney Celebrates #Halfway2Halloween With Haunted Mansion Funko Pops

Disney Celebrates #Halfway2Halloween With Haunted Mansion Funko Pops

Halloween has a special place in many people’s hearts. Based on the success of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus, Disney knows this. While the holiday is still months away, the entertainment giant is launching its #Halfway2Halloween campaign with a new range of Haunted Mansion Funko Pops.

While you might expect these to be available in the lead up to Halloween, they’re being made available a lot earlier than you might think. That’s because Funko has announced its Funkoween in May, which is scheduled to take place between May 18 and 22. The event will see Halloween-related Funko Pops being made available throughout the week.

This will include Disney’s Haunted Mansion Pops. While they’ll be released during the week, it’s unclear as to whether they’ll be made available on the 18th or at some other point during the event. Fans of the entertainment giant and toy-maker can expect a Haunted Mansion Organist Disney Parks exclusive, alongside a Haunted Mansion Hostess, among others.

Alongside the Pop figures, the companies will be releasing Hocus Pocus and Haunted Mansion board games and a Funkofied version of The Nightmare Before Christmas, among others. While the status of the Funko Pop figures is unclear, many of the other releases should be available for pre-order from shopDisney, among Funko-related outlets.

These should include the likes of Walmart and GameStop, among others. As such, if you’re thinking of buying any of the figures, then you’ll want to keep an eye out and buy them fast before stocks run out.

Regardless of whether you’re The Night Before Christmas or Hocus Pocus fans, the Funkoween in May and #Halfway2Halloween event certainly looks interesting. It’s expected that the majority of the pops will be released at roughly similar price points like many other limited editions, although it’s unclear as to how much the board games will cost.