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These Zombie Popsicles Are Perfect For Halloween

These Zombie Popsicles Are Perfect For Halloween

Halloween is arguably (no argument about it, it definitely is) the best holiday throughout the year, and one most anticipated when it hits us every October.

Everyone can enjoy Halloween, the creepy, uneasy setting is perfect for us horror-loving adults and children love the candy, but one thing that is missing from the event is a good creepy treat.

Well, not anymore, as we have found you the perfect Halloween goodie all kids (and a lot of you adults) will be hoping for the next time you open your bucket at the end of the day.

Credit – Tovolo

The popsicles are a great treat for either you, your children, or the annoying neighbor kids that you hate but are forced to give something to because, you know… Halloween.

The molds create highly detailed popsicles using liquid ingredients of your choice and they have four unique zombie shapes to match your style. They are also made of highly flexible silicone that makes it so much easier to remove the popsicle from its mold, are BPA free, food-safe, and dishwasher safe.

The pops will be 7-inches in width, 7-inches in height, and 4.2-inches in length. The tilted head and lifeless-look give the ice-treat an authentic presence.

If like us, you can’t resist these detailed zombie treats and want to get your hands on some, you can buy the products on Amazon for around $18.40.

We have more good news for you too! Zombie molds are not the only molds provided by Tovolo, they are home to a variety of different options for you to choose from, including Skull Ice Molds, Dinosaur Pop Molds, Monster Pop Molds, Sword Pop Molds, and so much more.

Go over to Tovolo to find what you’re looking for, whether its a spooky addition to your Halloween or something completely different, they’re sure to have the perfect product for you.

Credit – Tovolo