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Here’s How To Make Your Own Unbelievable Galaxy Roses

Here’s How To Make Your Own Unbelievable Galaxy Roses

Galaxy Roses are quickly becoming a trend and have been rising in popularity in recent weeks, and as amazing as they are to look at, nothing beats making your own.


Now, you can do just that – in the safety and comfort of your own home – with these very simple DIY steps.

The outcome is phenomenal, and although they’re not authentic, they look incredible and extremely realistic when the steps are executed properly.


If you’re a creative person, your galaxy roses could look a little something like this.

  • To get started creating your own, you’ll need a bouquet of white roses and four or five different colors of spray paint.

While spraying a stunning bouquet of flowers may not be your first priority, the finishing product is just too magical for you to pass up this opportunity.

  • Next – an important step which must be followed – you’ll have to spray paint your roses with the colors in this order. Black, purple, pink, and finally blue.

Up to this point, your galaxy roses should start to take shape.

  • Lastly, while using a small makeup brush, splatter white paint onto the roses to create the appearance of a star-filled galaxy.

That’s it! These three easy steps will take your bouquet of white roses and turn them into a plant containing a whole galaxy to explore.

They’re fantastic for decoration in and around the home, and can also serve as the perfect gifts for your more creative family members or friends.

If you followed the steps correctly, your roses should have made this transformation, which was fantastically created by @trishaandcharlotte.


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Will you be delving into your creative side to design some of your very own galaxy roses? Have you already mastered the art and have some of your own? Make sure you get your thoughts and opinions heard in the comments.