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Edgar Allan Poe Fans Can Visit His Resting Place

Edgar Allan Poe Fans Can Visit His Resting Place

For all of the Edgar Allan Poe obsessed, literature lovers (like me), here’s another one for the bucket list.

When self-isolation ends and the world eventually starts to make progress towards finding a cure for Covid-19, a visit to the beautiful resting place for one of the greatest ever poets to live is essential.

Fans of the American author can take a short walk away from the Poe House and Museum where they will find his grave.

His home has been kept in good shape with much of its interior and exterior original fabric.

Thousands of admirers travel from far and wide each year to visit the Poe House and Museum, as well as the man’s final resting place in Baltimore. After taking the tour, The Edgar Allan Poe Society help direct you so you can visit his grave without getting lost.

Though it’s already an unbelievable trip spending the day at Poe’s house and grave, rumors began circulating in the early 20th century that a shadowy presence would turn up at Edgar Allan Poe’s grave, give him a toast, and place three red roses in a unique pattern before disappearing.

The mystery figure hasn’t attended the grave in many years, but to continue this tradition, the society elects a ‘Poe Toaster’ as they celebrate the man’s achievements each year (most often on his birthday, January 19).

Despite it being temporarily closed for obvious reasons, you can book your place to attend Poe’s grave when life returns to normal, HERE!

Towards the end of December, The Poe House was open from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on Friday’s, Saturday’s, and Sunday’s.

Edgar Allan Poe’s influence is everywhere in Baltimore, and his legacy has been passed down onto poets, authors, playwrights, and even sports, in the form of the Baltimore Ravens pro football team.