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Elvira Shares Hilarious Tips On How To Stay Safe During This Pandemic

Elvira Shares Hilarious Tips On How To Stay Safe During This Pandemic

The current situation we’re all going through due to COVID-19 has put a real dampner on our mood, but Elvira is refusing to let the pandemic get her and her followers down.


The Mistress of the Dark shared a hilarious video to her fans and followers on Social Media letting them know the lengths she goes to in attempts to stay safe during this social-distancing period.

She starts the video and brilliantly introduces herself as “Elvirus” before proceeding to explain her self-isolation tips. As she walks us through her safety precautions it’s hard not to laugh and enjoy her left-field humor regarding the circumstance.


The video, which you can find below, has already managed to gain over 16,000 reactions, almost 1,000 comments, and 11,000 shares since its March 31 release date on Facebook.

Cassandra Peterson, the beautiful actress behind the iconic Elvira character and everybody’s woman crush, has appeared in a number of memorable classic movies as her alter-ego, and still retains her popularity to this day, almost 40-years on from her first appearance as the Mistress of the Dark.

Her time as Elvira has earned her multiple award nominations over the years, and she has even managed to win a Horror Host Hall Of Fame Plaque back in 2012 and a Monster Kid Hall of Fame Plaque in 2017 for her work portraying the famous figure.

When in doubt, cover everything. Well ok, not EVERYTHING.

And now a message from "Elvirus". #StayHome

Posted by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (official) on Tuesday, March 31, 2020

We love videos like this and it seems like celebrities do too. Everyone is getting in on the act and sharing funny and memorable moments with their fans.

Hannibal Lecter himself got in on the trend and shared a heartwarming clip of himself wonderfully playing the piano while accompanied by his cat. Check it out HERE!

While the video is, of course, all in good nature, the message it shares is still important. Please do as Elvirus… I mean Elvira says and #StayHome.