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The Horror Fan’s Survival Guide to Quarantine and Coronavirus Lockdown

The Horror Fan’s Survival Guide to Quarantine and Coronavirus Lockdown

The Coronavirus Pandemic is No Joke and Neither if Your Mental and Emotional Self Care

I won’t beat you over the head with the same nerve racking facts and numbers that far more reputable news sources are readily supplying to anyone who Googles the words Coronavirus. I won’t pretend to have all the answers to the plethora and obstacles and anxiety that this global emergency has dropped into our laps. I’m no doctor or expert on viral outbreaks. I’m a horror creator; but before even that, I am at my core, a horror fan. So I will speak to what I know and hopefully can help some of you out there struggling through furlough, shelter-in-place mandates, or quarantine (whether self or otherwise) and find some solace in the midst of the madness.


Below is my personal Horror Fan’s Survival Guide – an easy to follow list of options that can delight, horrify, and hopefully distract us all from the real fear that has taken up so much of our headspace these last few weeks.

Netflix and Thrills

Now is the perfect time to explore all of those weird horror films we see on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, etc. That weird foreign scary flick that always catches your eye but you can’t quite commit to? Now is the best time to give it a go. Watch ’em all! You’re far more likely to find a new favorite than you think, and there is no risk in checking them out. If you don’t like it you can always click to the next, but if you do find something you love, you can enjoy a couple of hours of cinematic anxiety as opposed to the alternative.


Please add your recommendations of things to watch in the comments.

Tell Scary Stories

If you’re cramped up in quarantine with family, this is the best time to bring back one of mankind’s oldest artistic expressions – storytelling. Horror literature gave way to horror films but if you trace it all the way back, it all started with folks sitting around telling stories to try and scare the hell out of each other. So let your creative oration blossom and try to give those you love some chills that aren’t courtesy of the unfolding daily news.

Art and Literature Shine Through the Worst of Times

Being a horror content creator who works a 9-5 day job can be an absolute nightmare of juggling responsibilities with passion. There is no better time now than to express those artistic callings. Draw inspiration from this chaos around us and create your best virus themed short horror stories. Share ’em around and see what your friends think. Maybe that story would go well with some art? Be the artist! Draw the monster, design the cover, compare notes and have fun with it.


Most Importantly – Be the Smart Character in this Real-Life Horror Show

We’ve all seen the horror flicks where the characters we are supposed to be rooting for to survive just do the dumbest things imaginable. Well, this is your chance to be the smart character and hopefully inspire those around you to want to be the same.

Follow the precautions. Practice social distancing. Encourage others to be the protagonist that survives all the way to the end credits. Don’t be the victim that inspires eye-rolling and sighs of agitation – be the survivor!

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