Halloween Decorations You Need To Have For This Year

Even though Halloween costumes are a pivotal part of Halloween, Halloween decorations are essential as well. Whether they’re scary, fun, simple, or creative, decorations are an important part of Halloween. This article provides the best ideas for the perfect decorations this year.

Halloween decorations can vary from house to house. Some people go all out and are the talk of the neighborhood with their decorations. Some houses are a replica of a haunted house with scary music, a fog machine, and decorations hanging from trees that move in the wind. Other houses just have creepy decorations hanging in their yards to help keep everyone in the spirit of Halloween and entertain the trick-o-treaters. Then there are the houses that have simple decorations because they either had no time to decorate or they like to keep things plain and simple.

Whether you’re a house that likes to go big or a house that likes to keep it simple, the decorations in this article will spark your creativity and give you ideas of what to create this year. They’re fun and easy to make and all of the trick-o-treaters will love your house! These decorations can also become family orientated, too, because the everyone can pitch in and help create the best Halloween decorations of the year!

Scary Halloween Decorations You Can Do This Year

The majority of people enjoy some good, scary decorations that really scare the trick-o-treaters. They love to dress their house up to the max and make it look as scary as possible. Whether it’s a complete replica of a scary, haunted house or just some creepy decorations hanging in their yard, they are ready for the scary and spooky part of Halloween and are willing to show their inner spooky selves. These Halloween decorations are some of the most terrifying decorations out there and are perfect for this year!

Half Buried Zombie 

Freak your neighbors and visitors out this year and make them believe you half buried someone in your yard. This scary Halloween decoration is a perfect ode to The Walking Dead and is a perfect icon of Halloween. What’s Halloween without some zombies roaming around?

Halloween Decorations

Image Via: Freshideen

This half buried zombie decoration is a must have for this Halloween.

Flying Demon

Demons are a pivotal role in Halloween because of how terrifying and creepy they are. Rip up an old nightgown and buy a scary Halloween mask to replicate this terrifying decoration. People will scream for sure when they see this decoration.

Halloween Decorations 2017

Image Via: Pinterest

This Halloween decoration will give anyone a nightmare. 

Decapitated Head

Buy a mannequin head, a wig, and go wild with painting it this Halloween to make it look like someone just met a gruesome death in your yard. It’s a classic decoration but will scare any young child out when they first see it. Adding blood around the neck will make it all too real as well!

Decorations For Halloween

Image Via: Consumer Crafts

This head is scary, but putting your own twist on it by adding blood to it can make it an even scarier decoration. 

Levitating Chicken Wire Ghost 

It’s amazing what chicken wire can do, so turn it into a ghostly figure floating in your yard or house. Add lights to this figure to create a figure people will never forget. It’s a decoration the whole family can do together and it’s one that will scary anyone.

Decorations For Halloween 2017

Image Via: Facbooik

If you place this inside of your home, this decoration will sure scare someone.

Doll In A Bloody Bathtub

Dolls are one of the scariest inventions ever. People have actual fear of dolls and after all of the movies made about them, I can understand why there is such a strong fear of them. So, why not incorporate them into your Halloween party? Fill a small bathtub with fake blood and turn a baby doll into a haunting nightmare this Halloween and freak everyone out. You can place it in your yard or in your house- wherever it is will give everyone a scream.

Decorations For Halloween

Image Via: Pinterest

This doll sitting in a bathtub full of blood will scare anyone who sees it.

Cooler Full of Innards 

Horror movies are good for a few reasons, but mainly because of the blood and guts associated with them. Terrify your neighbors and trick-o-treaters by leaving this cooler full of innards out in your yard like you were trying to hide your wrong-doing. People use sausage links and paint them red to recreate this look with, of course, lots of fake blood.

Halloween Decorations Ideas

Image Via: The Frisky

This is one of the most creepy and gory Halloween decorations ever.

Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

If you’re looking for some simple yet creepy DIY Halloween decorations, check out these. They’re easy to make if you’re trying to touch up your house at the last minute and they’re creepy enough to represent the spooky holiday perfectly.

Chandelier Cobwebs 

Deck out your house this year and transform your living room (or dining room) into a creepy room that has cobwebs hanging from everywhere. It’s a simple decoration that is the perfect amount of creepy and creative! If you want your cobwebs looking realistic, make sure you spread the fake cobwebs thin!

2017 Halloween Decorations

Image Via: Chicken Smoothie

This decoration is spooky, creepy, and easy to do.

Crashed Witches Legs

Oops! Even witches make wrong turns and have some accidents. Show everyone that a witch landed at your house this year by having her legs stick up from anywhere in your yard! Just take the legs from a mannequin, dress them up in striped orange and black tights, put some pointy black shoes on the feet, and stick them down in a pot or the ground.

Halloween Decorations Accessories

Image Via: Home Talk

Get creative and stick this Halloween prop into a haystack!

Spider Pod People

This one is a little more creepier than the witches legs because it will look like you have actual people hanging from your ceiling. Wrap a fake skull in cheesecloth and hang them from your ceiling to freak your guests out. Adding some fake spiders to the cheesecloth will complete this already creepy look.

DIY Halloween Decorations

Image Via: Pinterest

These pods will be the decoration everyone jumps at.

Bats In Flight

If you’re looking for a creepy yet simple Halloween decoration but you don’t know what to do, why not have some bats flying in your house? Card stock black bats would look perfect on any wall in your house as the bats fly together towards a window to fly into the night. It’s a simple decoration that is easy to recreate and a perfect look for the spooky holiday!

Easy Halloween Decorations

Image Via: Made Every Day

This is the perfect decoration for any home this Halloween.

Glass Dome Head

Headless people are a classic during the Halloween season, so why not put one into your home? Buy a mannequin head, paint it to look a little on the death side, wrap it in tea-stained cheesecloth shroud in a glass dome, and your look is complete! It’ll have your guests admire how creative and realistic it looks!

Glass Dome Head

Image Via: Pinterest

This head is one of the creepiest decorations EVER. 

Bloody Handprint

Make it look like someone was trying to escape from your house this year by placing bloody handprints all over your windows. Red poster paint will help achieve this job and this is a simple DIY everyone can get in on.

This easy DIY Halloween decoration is fun to make and extremely creepy!

Creepy Halloween Decoration Drops

Halloween objects can be just as terrifying as other decorations. Some objects will have people doing a double take because they’re so realistic and scary looking while others are unbelievably creative. If you’re looking for a quick and easy set up of Halloween decoration, then these objects are the perfect match for you.

Shrunken Heads

The idea of shrunken heads is creepy by itself and makes people cringe. Turn these creepy heads into a creepier Halloween prop this year and freak all of your friends out. It’ll look like your house is the home of shrunken heads and that is something truly terrifying.

This creepy shrunken head prop will make everyone scream.

Gravedigger Animatronic 

Gravediggers are people that go into graveyards late at night and dig up graves to search the caskets for valuable objects. They’re creepy because they only come out during the night they can take anyone by surprise. Have a gravedigger stand in front of your house and make people scream every time they get close to it. It’s so realistic, people will be scared to walk past him!

Halloween Decorations 2017

Image Via: Davis Graveyard

Click the link below to make this creepy animatronic this year!

The Ring

One of the scariest movies of all time could be yours to own this year. Have the well the little girl climbed out of sitting in your yard with the little girl almost climbing out of it. It’s scary and creepy, making it one of the best props to have this year.

The Ring

Image Via: Halloween Forum

This Halloween prop is just as scary as the movie. 

Ghost Boy

This ghost boy could either be in your yard or in your house and it is the perfect prop to scare anyone who is afraid of dolls. Painting a doll white is extremely easy and this prop will sure send shivers down visitors spine. It’s chilling and extremely realistic.

Indoor Halloween Decorations

Image Via: Imgrum

This ghostly boy will make your guests scream with terror once they spot him. 

Acid Bath Monster

Acid baths are one of the worst things in history. A persons whole skin melts off because of how powerful the acid is. Scare trick-o-treaters this Halloween by putting a monster emerging from an acid bath in your front yard. It’s creepy, gory, and the perfect prop to make this Halloween super scary.

Unique Halloween Decorations

Image Via: Pinterest

This Halloween prop will scare anyone who walks by it.

New and Unique Halloween Accessories

Every year there is some type of brand new Halloween decoration accessory that everyone wants. It can be a variety of things, but some are better than others. These new and unique Halloween accessories are ones you MUST have this Halloween. It’ll make your house the talk of the block for sure. You can purchase these accessories here and other cool decorations you might want this year!

Moving Halloween Trees

These cute yet eerie Halloween trees look like they are dancing on their own- or they’re trying to grab an innocent guest walking by. These trees are specifically for indoors, so your party is going to be extra fun with these moving trees!

Halloween Decorations Accessories 2017

Image Via: Grandin Road

These trees are the perfect Halloween accessory to complete your look this year!

Three Sinking Garden Heads

Add these sinking heads to the front of your house to make trick-o-treaters gasp with fright. They’re creepy and eerie, making your haunted house even scarier.

DIY Decorations For Halloween

Image Via: Grandin Road

These heads are creepy and eerie enough to make everyone think people are actually coming out of the ground.

Animated Spirit Board

Ouija Boards are not to be played with because of how real they actually are. However, this animated spirit board is the perfect accessory for any Halloween party. It fits the rest of the decorations and it will make everyone think it’s really moving on its own!

Unique Halloween Decorations

Image Via: Grandin Road

Freak your guests out with this moving spirit board and have the ultimate Halloween accessory in your home this year. 

Victorian Busts: Just The One You Might Want This Halloween

Have some creepy guests this Halloween by adding some Victorian Busts to your mantle or dinner table. They’re extremely realistic and are perfect for any party. They’re the perfect icon of Halloween this year!

Funny Halloween Decorations

Image Via: Grandin Road

These busts will be the hit of your party this Halloween!

Silver Crossbones Serveware: Halloween Decorations

If you’re tired of using the same old tongs, bowls, and stands this year, change it up a bit and add some silver crossbones to your collection. These creepy hands and bowls will freak everyone out and they’re the perfect accessory to an awesome Halloween party.

Halloween Decorations

Image Via: Grandin Road

This Halloween serveware will be the perfect accessory for your party!

Make your Halloween spooky and fun this year with these creative and unique Halloween decorations. Some are easy to do while others are the perfect props for your party. Your guests will love them just as much as you do and they will want them for their house! It’ll be a Halloween you’ll never forget with these creepy and easy decorations and accessories!

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