Home Halloween Check Out These Zombie Lights Perfect For Your Undead Garden

Check Out These Zombie Lights Perfect For Your Undead Garden

Check Out These Zombie Lights Perfect For Your Undead Garden

Have you ever fantasized about having an undead being clawing their way to freedom from below the earth to wreak havoc on your innocent neighbors? I mean, who hasn’t? Well, now you have the chance for this exact thing (kind of).

If you’re a fan of zombie-themed decorations, these zombie garden lights are the perfect addition to the creepy, haunted, and traumatizing path to reach your house.

The eerie walker casts a haunting solar-powered LED lantern above its head, managing to capture its terrifying look to perfection all while it strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who gets too close.

The solar-powered light is most active in the night time, as it will automatically switch on when the day begins to die down and darkness arises.

The zombie garden light is made from cold cast resin, meaning time will not cause your new horrifying protector to rust or deteriorate.

Standing at 13 inches tall, 18.5 inches long, and 10.2 inches wide, this product will make any garden, lawn, or even inside horror decorations complete.

Interested in adding this to your Halloween collection? You can do so by going over to Amazon, HERE, where the wonderfully creative business named ‘Private Label’ is selling them.

However, according to some reviews from buying customers, the ornament’s solar/LED light is less than impressive.

One reviewer labeled the light “woefully dim”, while another stated the light did not work at all upon arrival. Fortunately, they rewired it and it worked perfectly, meaning they either received a bad zombie garden light or the company isn’t too great when it comes to the manufacturing of its products.

Despite some minor problems, will you be purchasing one of these scary zombie decorations? Regardless of whether you will or won’t be adding this to your wishlist, be sure to let us know what you think about the product in the comments.