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Learn How To Make This Skull Crochet Design

Learn How To Make This Skull Crochet Design

Whether you embrace the darkness all year round or just love Halloween when it arrives every October 31, this awesome crochet pattern is sure to put a smile on your face.

The creator of this pattern has shared their knowledge with the rest of us and in a small couple of steps, you can make a skull crochet design of your very own.

If you’re the creative type, we have no doubt that you will love this idea, it adds something extra to every Halloween costume, is perfect for adults and children of all ages, and even the darkest of goths can wear this with pride. You know, because what goth has ever donned a normal shawl?

Check out just some of the pictures of what the finished product looks like down below.

Originally created back in 2013, this design has turned many heads and is one of the most popular horror patterns currently used for crocheting.

The pattern showcases the skull’s large, empty eyes, as well as the missing nose and teeth.

The great thing is, you can get as creative as you want with it after you master the art of the skull, whether that’s a change or mixture of two colors or an enlarging of size, it is all in your hands.

Without a doubt, adding this as an accessory to your outfit or using it as a decoration for your home adds strong character and personality regardless of where it’s placed. Also, it’s also cute, in a creepy kind of way.

If you want to design your own clothing items with this insane design, go and check out the original post from the creator herself HERE, and, of course, show us your attempts in the comments to see how it compares with the original artist’s work.

More instructions here