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These Goth Cakes Are The New Trend

These Goth Cakes Are The New Trend

Ever since the reveal of the headless wedding cake made popular by Dave and Natalie Sideserf of Sideserf Cakes, horror fans have been captivated by creepy edible cake designs and now we have more to show you.


Weddings are a quite stressful time, full of nonstop planning and organizing. One major addition to the ceremony, alongside the dresses themselves, is, of course, the cake.

Well, the good news is we have some unique and dark cake designs to show you, the bad news? You horror-lovers will have an even harder time picking the wedding cake of your dreams after seeing the collection below.


Cakes come in all shapes and sizes and for this Instagram page named Twister Cake Art, the variety of horror-themed cakes is enough to make your mouth water and your blood run cold.


These cakes are ideal for weddings and continue to be perfect for any goth couple ready to tie the knot.

A spooky wedding theme would be incomplete without one of the many creepy cake designs Twister Cake Art create.


If you’re not interested in the marriage aspect just to get your hands on one of these cakes (do not worry, we get it), then take a look at these cool cake designs suitable for any occasion.


Whether it’s for birthday parties, special events, or you kind-hearted parents just want to treat your little horror-loving child to something nice, these cakes are a safe bet to do the trick.

The company doesn’t just specialize in dark-themed cakes, their range of awesome designs are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


If these unbelievable cakes have caught your eye (I mean, who am I kidding? Of course, they have), you can go over and visit their official Instagram page to browse their collection.