Home Nature Beautiful But Extremely Deadly Ocean Pattern Called The “Cross Sea”

Beautiful But Extremely Deadly Ocean Pattern Called The “Cross Sea”

Beautiful But Extremely Deadly Ocean Pattern Called The “Cross Sea”

A sea pattern both beautiful and dangerous

Water patterns are always mesmerizing and satisfying to watch. And If you enjoy swimming or even just spending time at the beach, you should be well aware of all kinds of sea hazards. “Cross Sea” is a water pattern that is often difficult to see at the beach. Most people think it’s rare, but it happens quite often.

To give a better explanation of this phenomena let’s talk about the famous island off the west coast in France. It’s called the Isle of Rhé, and here you can view the most amazing ocean patterns. The island is known for its beautiful beaches and its pleasant weather.

Wikimedia Commons

To understand the how deadly this beautiful looking wave pattern is we first need to know how ‘Cross Sea’ is formed. Cross sea is formed as a result of waves from different weather systems that intersect each other at almost right angles(to be precise oblique angles), and it usually takes place far away from the weather systems.

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This Cross Sea pattern makes the sea dangerous for swimmers, boats, and ships as it keeps swirling with great force. It persists until the energy of the waves is slowly dissipated.

Cross-sea occasionally creates very tall waves that are extremely dangerous and hazardous to the nearby sailing boats and ships. This is the reason for many of the ship accidents that occur. Once caught up in these huge waves it becomes progressively difficult to escape.

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Cross Seas mostly form in the coastal areas. So, if you happen to live somewhere nearby or visit places in its vicinity, be sure to stay away and stay safe. You are free to capture pictures of it tho. It is nature at its finest.