Artistic Representation Of One Of The World’s Deadliest Drugs

The Deadliest Of Drugs

Drug addiction is not uncommon anymore. People do drugs in every part of the world. We are often quick to judge drug addicts. But, only an addicted person can ever truly understand the reason why they do it. However, whatever the reason may be, drug addiction is slow suicide. According to, there has been a continuous rise of drug abuse in the United States, with a reported 23.5 million Americans facing addiction. The mortality rate from drug overdose has drastically increased. Causing the death of over 47,000 Americans last year, making it the leading cause of unintentional deaths in America.

Despite having public awareness messages and all the efforts against drug abuse, people are continuing to take harmful drugs, and it is a matter of great concern. For a better grasp of the whole situation we first need to understand what goes on in their mind. To make that easy, there is a six-minute long short-film, “Krokodil Requiem,” that thoroughly explains what goes inside an addict’s mind and how self-hatred in them is developed and affected each time they take another dose. The film is directed by Romain Demongeot and Sonia Presne, which artistically shows the details of how the body of a person addicted to Krokodil functions. Krokodil is a cheaper form of heroin that was primarily used in Russia only but now has made its way to other parts of the world as well.

Here is the video. Watch!

Romain Demongeot & Sonia Presne/YouTube

Apart from the visual representation, the video holds a much deeper meaning which is expressed through narration and by the use of chilling music in the background. All these details help in expressing the torturous and suicidal thoughts. It starts off in a graveyard. The main character is shown as a young man who is high on Krokodil also called “Cannibal Heroin.” As soon as he injects himself with it, he enters a totally different world of his own. Everything is covered in snow and appears somewhat hazy. There he meets ghosts and finds himself far away from reality as he slowly comes close to his own death. The film gives a clear-cut view of how drug abuse affects us physically as teeth rot and fall out, and the skin becomes patchy, and the body progressively deteriorates.

Lost in the euphoric state the headless young man is shown walking past the snowy forest searching for his brain when the voiceover says “In a moment, I’ll ascend to the canopy of heaven. This liberating desomorphine, eating away my thin bones, liberating a man from torture, sucking on his flesh or his skin.”

This six-minute video on drug-addiction is unlike the regular anti-drug commercials and public service announcements. The director, Demongeot, takes a different approach to spreading awareness about drug-abuse by using his own experience according to AdWeek. He combines his narration with artistic animation to give the viewer a much broader and realistic expression of what’s it like inside the mind of an addict.

The actual name for Krokodil is Desomorphine. Once addicted to it, it becomes hard to go back as you completely start relying on it to feel sane and normal. Its first case in the US was reported in 2013. Since then it has been spreading fast, mainly in Europe. Krokodil is a very harmful drug, its ingredients mostly contain gasoline, red phosphorus(from matchstick heads), and paint thinner. When injected, it gives a quick heroin-like high and alongside it keeps on damaging the brain and other body tissues, also making the skin patchy-green (like that of a crocodile’s). Prolonged use of this drug can cause blood clots(thrombosis), gangrene, bone infection and liver, kidney and brain damage, which ultimately leads to death.

So, for the sake of spreading awareness about this slow-killing poison, Demongeot made the short-video explaining how dependent you become on this drug and how its almost impossible to leave it. Apart from his efforts in this regard, he also started a non-profit organization called Prévention-Krokodil for the same purpose. He hopes that with these efforts people would get a much better understanding of everything and will look after themselves and others around them.

Romain Demongeot & Sonia Presne/YouTube

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