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“Dear David”: The Real Videos Of A Paranormal Haunting

“Dear David”: The Real Videos Of A Paranormal Haunting

Just about everyone who is a citizen of the internet is aware of the viral “Dear David” Twitter thread. The whole ordeal began as a nightmare for Adam Ellis, NYC-based artist, and has since transformed into a real-life haunting by a little boy named David. Ellis documented the hauntings via a Twitter thread which he appropriately titled as “Dear David.”

On 7th August, Ellis first began tweeting about his interactions with David. He expressed that he was feeling threatened by a disfigured young boy.

Following the first encounter (a nightmare), Ellis started noticing his cat behaving oddly.

Soon, he started noticing odd activities such as photos turning dark in well-lit rooms, his cats’ reactions and moving rocking chairs. In his first videos, Ellis’ cats can be seen ogling at the door and sniffing it. Given how animals tend to witness the paranormal, this was solid evidence that a ghostly presence existed in Ellis’ apartment.

Ellis then started noticing polaroids taken in well-lit rooms were coming out black and he even filmed the photography session to give his viewers sufficient proof.

Not long after, Ellis decided to install a nanny cam in the apartment. The cam caught the rocking chair moving all on its own.

The videos shot by the nanny cam of the cats show them to be entirely mesmerized.

Another incident involved a small cactus being shoved off of the shelf it was sitting on.

Ellis began investigating the apartment thoroughly. He found an odd crawl space in the hallway which led to an undiscovered crawl space, spanning his entire apartment between the roof and ceiling. Soon, he began seeing debris and dirt falling from it – a phenomenon that had never happened before.

At one point, Ellis attempted poking the doorway by means of a long pole and a small and heavy object fell out. It was a child’s old leather shoe.