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If you have a curiosity that simply can’t be satisfied, then this is the section for you. Scientists have spent years trying to figure out how this wacky planet works and the articles presented in here will debunk every one of their “facts”. From super powers to apparitions, these articles will challenge everything you think you know about the world around you. Even the body you control right now may be subject to things that happen outside the norm.

You must leave your preconceived notions behind when you enter this peek into the beyond. There are other worlds yet to be explored and not just revolving around the sun. These world run parallel to our own and host ghosts and other creatures that science has yet to explain. This section is dedicated to the unexplainable. So strap in and prepare to wrap your mind around some of the oddest concepts the world has ever seen. There are an infinite amount of universes so be thankful that this is one you get to experience such fantastic situations.