Home Places Haunted Spend The Night At This 146-Year-Old Haunted Mansion In Indiana

Spend The Night At This 146-Year-Old Haunted Mansion In Indiana

Spend The Night At This 146-Year-Old Haunted Mansion In Indiana

Vevay, Indiana is home to a 146-year-old mansion that has been declared haunted. The Schenck Mansion is one of the most historic places to visit in the city and is open for the public to spend the night, whether they are brave enough that is.


Mystery surrounds the Schenck Mansion Bed & Breakfast Inn as it is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Indiana, after being built all the way back in 1874.


The mansion is said to be home to multiple wandering spirits, but the B&B comes with pleasant accommodation suitable for anyone who is interested in an opportunity like this.


The Schenck family made their fortune from the shipping of hay from Switzerland County and various other businesses.

Despite its haunted past, the bed and breakfast is referred to as one of the best in the whole region, making it a good place to stay whether you’re into haunted buildings or not.

Although the Schenck family built this historic mansion, they rarely ever lived in it, which could potentially be down to the ghost stories that remain attached to the cozy manor.


A rumor suggests the space where the residence is built once endured a fatal fire that took the lives of several people, which could well be where the haunting began.

Regardless of its nature, the mansion is built in the center of a massive acre of land, which is home to wonderfully stunning scenery.


Five rooms are available in the mansion, with one being a suite. Each room has its own private bathroom, king or queen size beds, HD televisions, and great wifi, alongside many other benefits.


For those of you wondering, the rooms are quite spacious in case you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to share your accommodation with a few ghosts.