Home Halloween These ‘Bleeding’ Skull Candles Are The Ideal Halloween Decoration

These ‘Bleeding’ Skull Candles Are The Ideal Halloween Decoration

These ‘Bleeding’ Skull Candles Are The Ideal Halloween Decoration

While they usually let off a quite harmless and warming ambiance, something changes for candles on Halloween and their once innocent aura then radiates a more sinister feel.

That uneasy feel multiplies tenfold with these incredibly unique and brilliantly detailed skull candles that leaks ‘blood’ as the flame melts the wax.

Despite it not being quite as menacing as these fireproof skulls that turn your fire pit into a burial ground, it still does well to make guests uncomfortable and serves as the perfect decor, for not just Halloween, but for your gothic home all-year-round.

Credit – The Grotesquerie Shop

Although the skull already looks great in its regular black (or grey), you’re able to treat yourself to a Boo! Skull in either vibrant red or realistic white.

These ‘bleeding’ skull candles are courtesy of The Grotesquerie Shop on Etsy.

Credit – The Grotesquerie Shop

They have a great collection of creepy goodies for you to browse through in the rare case that you’re not too interested in the skull candles. Head over to their page, HERE!

The creepy grinning skull candles measure at around 2.5-inches, and they can be yours this Halloween for just $28.50 each.

Some shoppers have left highly positive reviews ultimately giving the store a 5-star rating.

“Really well wrapped to prevent damage. Smooth and easy transaction. Love the originality of the product. Recommend!” – Tara

Another reviewer said.

“Beautiful candle and detail – a perfect addition to my Halloween decor collection!” – emcsullivan

Whether you want to gift yourself one of the greatly detailed skull candles or not, The Grotesquerie Shop is the perfect place to look for your slow-burning creepy candles.

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Credit – Love, Pain, and Stitches

Will you be buying one of these ‘bleeding’ skull candles? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.