Home Art This Predator Fire Pit Should Be On Every Sci-Fi Fans Wishlist

This Predator Fire Pit Should Be On Every Sci-Fi Fans Wishlist

This Predator Fire Pit Should Be On Every Sci-Fi Fans Wishlist

The Predator alien race from the franchise of the same name has become iconic in the past few decades. The majority of science fiction and horror fans have loved the character since the first two movie installments came out. While most of the recent films haven’t been that successful, it hasn’t stopped fans from buying cool movie-related merchandise. This Predator fire pit may be one of the coolest so far.

Made by Burned by Design, the fire pit measures 60cm by 60cm by 65cm and is made out of metal. Being handmade, the pits are quite high-quality and they take a lot of time to actually make. As a result, anyone ordering them may need to wait a while before they actually get it. However, based on how it looks it could be worth the wait.

The Predator fire pit looks almost identical to the titular characters. Though it mainly uses the masks that the hunters wear, it also includes the dreadlocks that have become synonymous with them. The pieces are what’s known as functional art. That is, it’s art that people can actually use for something functional.

Alongside the metal that it’s made from, it has a coat of clear lacquer. This has been treated to a high temperature, so buyers shouldn’t have to worry about it melting off or the design being damaged by heat. It also adds some health and safety when it comes to any food that might be cooked in or near the fire pit.

The Predator fire pit is available to order from Burned by Design on Etsy. With the amount of work that goes into it, however, it should cost $1,049.11. Given how high-quality it is, though, it’s worth every penny. It should also be noted that it may take a few weeks to arrive. This is mainly because of how much time it takes to make.

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