Conducting social gatherings such as parties or large events is not possible at this point due to the pandemic, but it’s harmless to plan (and with extra precautionary measures, of course).

It is going to be a much different Halloween celebration this year though, it is expected that most people will wear face masks as part of their creative costumes. And if you’re already organizing your very own celebration months ahead, you might consider this listing from Airbnb.

It is no ordinary room. It is more than a room, it’s an actual ship from bow to stern floating on the river!

A listing on Airbnb invites everyone on a “one of a kind Pirate Ship,” located a few minutes away from the Mississippi Airport, making it accessible for many tourists. This pirate is certainly big enough, measuring up to 65’ long. Inside there are two bedrooms, a hammock, two heads, and numerous nooks for your hideouts.

Photos from Dan of Airbnb.

Amenities include a shower, kitchen, big upper deck, central air, plans, fireplace, tunes, tables and couches, and theme lighting.

Renting for $350 a night for 1 to 6 people and an additional $200 if you have more guests (the ship strictly admits only up to 15 people at once), the price for something this large is fairly decent. It would be pretty hard as well to find another Airbnb listing that offers the same pirate immersion like this.

However, the listing warns that the ship is not a five-star hotel with locking doors and professional staff abounds. The pirate ship will be all yours during your stay. The top deck gets wet during rainy seasons, and there may be noises from the outside. Talk about taking the pirate party experience to a stranger, if not, better level!

What are your thoughts on this pirate ship listing on Airbnb? Are you considering this as your venue for your future pirate-themed parties? Share your reactions in the comments section below.