There are quite a few unique garden decorations on the market. However, many of these can often be either low-quality or prohibitively expensive. Despite this, there are a few that look amazing and are quite affordable, such as these creepy stained glass ornaments. In contrast to many similar products, these have ripples in the glass to add to their overall look.

The result is an aged feel, which the ornaments looking like they were made decades ago. Alongside this, the majority are designed to look like horror staples, such as bats. Though the bats may be the more popular option for the products, available on The Sweet Karma Bar, there are a few others that also look great, such as the cobwebs option.

For both, the stained glass ornaments are made out of artisan glass that has been tinted amethyst and smoky quartz. Coming in at ten inches by eight inches, the products are large enough to be noticed but small enough that they don’t get in anybody’s way. As a result, they can be put up almost anywhere, although the porch may be one of the more popular options.

According to the designer, they can be fixed to almost any window, corner, or patio. Alongside this, the products can also be put up relatively easily, with only a few screws needed. The products have also been getting numerous positive reviews since being released. Many have praised how well-made they are.

Buyers can find the stained glass ornaments on The Sweet Karma Bar for $159. The bats are available here, while the spiderweb option is available here. While buyers may have to wait a little bit for the products to be delivered, they’ll definitely be there in time for Halloween, which could be the most appropriate time to have them up.