Home Animals 8 Pictures That Prove Bats Are Just Cute Flying Puppies

8 Pictures That Prove Bats Are Just Cute Flying Puppies

8 Pictures That Prove Bats Are Just Cute Flying Puppies

Although there remains a dark aura surrounding bats partially due to their way of living and association to horror and Halloween, not all are frightening.


In fact, some of them are incredibly adorable and strongly resemble puppies.

Because of this, we are going to show you 10 pictures of the cutest bats we can find, proving once and for all that despite their shadowy background, they’re not to be feared.


8 – Sleeping Bat.


Bats are not scary and this insanely cute deep-sleeping bat proves that, don’t you think?!

7 – Hungry and Tired Bat.


This bat is the ideal spirit animal for everyone going through self-isolation right now. Eat, sleep, repeat.

6 – Lowd the Flying Fox.


This innocent looking bat covered in a mixture of light and dark browns is such a perfect example of just how beautiful even the ‘scariest’ animals can be.


5 – Weeny the Newborn Bat.


This tiny newborn flying fox just radiates cuteness and I’m not sure if it’s just me, but does this bat look like a combination of a dog and Dracula? Either way, it’s still adorable.

4 – Fallen the Curious Bat.


There was no chance this bat’s big brown eyes of curiosity was missing out on a place in this list. And as you can see in the picture caption, Fallen is a good little boy, so how could we not include him?

3 – 30 Shades of Grey.


In this picture, we see a group of bats looking almost exactly like a litter of German Shepard puppies and we just can’t get enough!


2 – The Bats and the Bears.


This group of baby Fruit Bat’s cuddled up to their very own stuffed bear is a picture everybody needs to see to brighten up their day.

1 – Red The Baby Bat.


This unbelievably cute baby bat named Red is undoubtedly our number one pick. Its mesmerizing wide eyes along with its long tongue that makes it look just like a puppy after being fed ultimately earns Red first place.

That’s it for our 8 pictures that prove bats are just cute flying puppies. Be sure to go over to Bat World Sanctuary and Bats Queensland on their official Instagram pages and support as best you can.