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Spooky Food: The Nightmare Before Dinner Cookbook

Spooky Food: The Nightmare Before Dinner Cookbook

Fans of Tim Burton’s classics such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice love to show the world the extent of their fandom – clothing, tattoos, figurines, stickers, patches, wallets, backpacks, jewelry, you name it. Now, you can take that fandom to the next level and eat (and drink) just like Jack and Sally or The Deetz family with Zach Neil’s spooky Burton inspired cookbook, The Nightmare Before Dinner: Recipes to Die For.

The 60+ recipes in The Nightmare Before Dinner come from author Zach Neil’s own restaurant, The Beetle House; a spooky, Tim Burton inspired restaurant with flagships in New York and LA. Described as a horror lover’s dream, it’s an other-worldly place where you can celebrate Halloween every day and revel in all things eerie and sinister.

The Nightmare Before Dinner has something for everyone – burgers, salads, mac and cheese, soups, seafood, desserts, and cocktails. It’s even vegan friendly; for every recipe that contains non-vegan ingredients, it includes cruelty-free substitutes so that vegans and vegetarians alike can enjoy the delicious and deviant delectables.

“Chapter 1: Sauces & Dips for the Recently Deceased” will take you on a journey to creating the creepiest condiments out there. ‘Sweeney Sauce’, ‘Beetle Jam’, and ‘Hollow Sauce’ are just a few of the dressings you can learn how to make.

“Chapter 4: Platos de Los Muertos” is the bloodiest and bulkiest section of the book, offering an array of spine-chilling selections such as the ‘Cheshire Mac and Cheese’, ‘Edward Burger Hands’, ‘Frog’s Breath and Nightshade Risotto’, ‘Silence of the Lamb Chops’, and ‘Evil Dead Shrimp.’

“Chapter 6: Poisons, Potions, and Elixirs” will teach you how to make your own expertly crafted creepy cocktails at home, such as ‘The 9 Martini’, ‘The Golden Ticket’, ‘Edward’s Lemonade’, ‘Alice’s Cup of Tea’, and ‘The Coco Skellington’.

Ideal for Tim Burton loving omnivores, herbivores, and cooks of all caliber, Zach Neil does a great job of lending his talent and skill into The Nightmare Before Dinner. This spooky and sinister book is fun and easy to read. A bonus chapter, “Chapter 7: Put the FUN Back in Funeral” is full of party and decor ideas, allowing you to bring not only the freakishly good food but the eye-catching and macabre atmosphere of The Beetle House home with you.

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