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Complete Your Gothic Garden With These Black Succulents

Complete Your Gothic Garden With These Black Succulents

After dropping in late 2019, these beautiful flowers were quickly targeted as Halloween decorations, but months later people are beginning to use them to either decorate their gardens or spook up their homes.

These eye-catching black succulents sell for just $3 each, meaning you can grab a handful to spruce up your surroundings for a very cheap price.

You can select a range of colors from a dark hunter green, a deep raven black, or even a dull violet, depending on which mood you’re in when you pick these up.

Another reason to buy the black succulents is their resemblance to Stranger Things’ villainous creatures, the Demogorgon’s.

The pointed shape of a Demogorgon’s head and the spiky black succulents resemble one another so well, you will have to double-take.

No matter if you live in a basement in your mother’s house or a ten-story mansion, these small but powerful flowers are bold enough to stand out in even the most sinister of decorated houses.

If you aren’t confident in yourself to look after the plants and help them reach their full potential, there are foods catering just to them.

All you have to do is combine half a teaspoon of succulent food with two cups of water and your plants have a promising future in your home all-year-round.

You can go over to buy succulent plant food for less than $13 on Amazon, HERE!

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Is Halloween by far your best continuous holiday each year? Do you enjoy products like these? Are you going to get your hands on these outstanding black succulent flowers? Let us know in the comments.