Creepy Zombie Garden Gnomes To Freak The Neighbors Out

There’s nothing quite like decorating your garden with the gruesome and the grim. Not only will it effectively keep all trespassers at bay, but these absolutely horrifying garden décor pieces are wonderfully horrendous, too. A group of Canadian artists who go by the name of Revenant FX have decided to make that dream come true. Obsessed with horror, their creations are inspired by entertainment films and shows such as Dawn of the Dead, Pet Semetary, Walking Dead and 28 Days Later. They truly bring the dead to life with their terrific 100% handmade zombie garden gnomes.

Kill ‘Em All

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The Family That Kills Together Stays Together

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Up Close And Personal

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Scarier In Person

Calling Out Or Chasing The Undead?

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Mangled And Bloody

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You can learn more about these fantastic artists by heading over to their social media pages (FacebookTwitter and Instagram) or by stopping by their online store: Etsy. They are stated to have said that they “don’t buy molds” and instead “sculpt each one, then make a mold and cast them”. The process ends with the gnomes being hand painted. Thankfully, they have a big collection and plenty of choices to pick from.

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