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Top 10 Most Cursed Objects Ever To Exist

Top 10 Most Cursed Objects Ever To Exist

If you have seen the movies The Conjuring or Annabelle, then you are well aware of the cursed doll that is the star of those movies. Annabelle the Doll is featured on this list as one of the most haunted objects in this world; however, there are darker objects, including other dolls, that are more cursed than Annabelle. These objects are so dangerously haunted that they sometimes come with warnings so that way people do not disturb whatever possesses the object and get harmed from them. How do objects get cursed? Spirits become attached to them if they are so dark and evil, making the place wherever the cursed object is just as cursed and haunted. Many people believe these objects are “anchors” for the spirits, making them stay with the object for the rest of the its existence. Here are some of the most cursed objects that have been reported throughout time.


10 Cursed Objects That Exists In Real

1. “Little B******”

Little B******
A photo of James Dean posing with his cursed car, Little B******. 

Source: Jalopnik


“Little B******” is the name of the car of famous actor James Dean. He was in love with his 1955 Porsche Spyder and even had it extensively customized so people knew it was his. You would think that a car that was cared for so greatly and loved so much by James Dean would not be cursed, right? Wrong. According to Sir Alec Guinness, when he met Dean for lunch one day, he said that, “if anyone were to get into that car, they would be found dead in it by this time next week”. If only people listened to him because unfortunately, that is exactly where James Dean was found.

It was creepy enough that Sir Alec Guinness said that about Dean’s car and that Dean really was found dead in it, but the creepiness escalates about this cursed car. As the car was being worked on in a mechanic shop after the wreck, it fell on one of the mechanics and crushed both of his legs. And somehow, the curse keeps going. As the car gained a new owner, the new owner decided to sell the engine and the drivetrain to two racers. Guess what happened? One lost control while driving and sadly crashed into a tree, dying instantly from the impact. The other driver was severely injured after his car locked up on him and rolled over. To add to the creepiness of this horror car, two thieves that were trying to take pieces of the car were injured.

After all of the crazy accidents and injuries that have been associated with this car, it was sold to a safety exhibit of the California Highway Patrol. Ironically enough, the first exhibit the car went to caught on fire, and at the second exhibit the car was transported to, the car fell onto a student that was looking at it and the student unfortunately broke his hip. To end the tales of injuries and accidents of this cursed car, it somehow managed to crush and kill a truck driver that was transporting it to one of the exhibits. So where is this insanely cursed car now? No one knows where it is because after all of these accidents, it has since disappeared. People have questioned why this car was so insanely cursed and how it could cause all of this mayhem, but, all we know is that this is a car to NOT go near.


2. The Women from Lemb Statue 

The Women from Lemb Statue

What this infamous statue actually looks like. 

Source: Blum House


This statue is also nicknamed “The Goddess of Death” because of all of the deaths associated with it. This statue is carved from pure limestone and was discovered in 1878 in Lemb, Cypruss. After investigating it, researchers have found that this statue dates back to 3500 B.C. and is rumored to represent a goddess that was presumed an idol of fertility. The first owner of the statue went by the name of Lord Elphont, and a strange occurrence happened after Lord Elphont was in possession of this statue for over six years- all seven members of his family died from mysterious causes, including Lord Elphont.

The next two owners of this cursed statue, named Ivor Manucci and Lord Thompson-Noel, unfortunately died while being in possession of the statue. The deaths of Ivor and Lord Thompson-Noel included the deaths of their entire families after having the statue in their house for only a short while.

It progressively gets weirder and stranger when a fourth person comes along and claims ownership of this cursed statue. Sir Allan Biverbrook had unfortunately died soon after claiming ownership of the cursed statue, and it also claimed the lives of his wife and two of their daughters. Ironically, though, the two sons of the Biverbrook’s remained alive. They were not big believers of the powers this statue supposedly held, but after the strange and mysterious deaths of their four family members, they decided to donate the statue to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh. If you are looking to see this object and are close to this museum, you’re in luck! This object is still in that museum to this day.


But, the tale of this cursed statue doesn’t stop at the Biverbrook’s. When the statue was first donated to the museum, the chief of the section where the statue sits suddenly died. Workers of the museum refused to admit that the statue has supernatural powers and was the cause of death of the chief, but no one has touched the statue since the chief passed away. Have no fear, though, the object is surrounded by glass and is protected from human hands. Do you think this statue was behind the sudden death of the museum worker?

3. Annabelle The Doll

Annabelle The Doll
What the real Annabelle doll looks like, sitting in her glass display at the Warren’s museum. 

Source: Sleeping Terror Clothing


As previously mentioned, Annabelle the Doll is one of the most haunted and cursed objects known to man. Although the movies about this doll portray it as a porcelain doll with big blue eyes and a long white dress with brownish hair, the real Annabelle Doll is actually a Raggedy-Ann doll. The story goes that in 1970, a woman was in a thrift store shopping one day and decided to buy a Raggedy-Ann doll for her daughter, whom was  in college. Her daughter loved the thoughtful gift from her mother and put it in her apartment so she could see it every day. However, a short while after getting the doll, her and her roommate noticed strange and odd things were starting to happen around their apartment. These things involved the doll and the two roommates noticed that the doll would end up in other rooms- even though no one touched it. As time continued, they started to find small scraps of parchment paper scattered around their apartment with childish handwriting on it- and it freaked them out more because they did not own parchment paper. As the odd occurrences continued to happen, they one day found the doll standing on its legs- something this doll cannot do unless someone is holding it in that position.

Because these creepy occurrences persisted over a short while with the roommates, they decided to contact a psychic medium to answer their questions and hopefully ease their minds. Upon the arrival of the psychic medium, the medium told them that the Raggedy-Ann doll had become possessed by a young girl who had died in their apartment complex. The medium continued to talk with the spirit named “Annabelle” and the spirit informed the medium that she liked the college girls and wanted to continue living with them. The medium unthinkingly granted the spirit permission to continue living with the girls, which only led to more terrifying and worse paranormal activity for the two college girls. One of the haunting tales of this doll is that while the college girls had a male friend over one night, the doll had attacked him, leaving scratch marks all over his chest and torso.

The most famous paranormal investigators in the world came to the girls’ aid when they finally had their wits end with the activity surrounding this doll. Ed and Lorraine Warren came to the girls’ apartment and heard their pleas for help, and soon discovered that the doll was not possessed by a child spirit at all- it was actually possessed by a demon that masked its identity so it could get closer to the girls. The reason why it wanted to become close to the girls was because it wanted to possess one or both of them. Many people know that demons have the tendency of masking what they really are by portraying themselves as little children, making people accept them into their homes because they think it is an innocent spirit or spirits that are hanging with them at the kitchen table. After learning about the demon possession, the girls gave “Annabelle” to the Warrens, who brought it back to their house, where they have other haunted objects from their multiple investigations from around the country. Annabelle the Doll now sits on display surrounded by glass in their Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. This object is so dangerously cursed and possessed that the Warren’s have put a sign on the door of the glass that says, “Warning: Positively Do Not Open”. 


4. “The Hands Resist Him”

The Hands Resist Him
Here is what this creepy painting really looks like. 

Source: This Is My Horror

eBay is a wonderful invention where people can post objects, clothes, shoes, bags, DVD’s, etc. on there for sale, making it easier and cheaper for people to buy things online. This story, though, is not about a customer leaving a positive comment about a seller saying that people should continue to buy from them. In the year 2000, an anonymous seller had listed a painting on their page called “The Hands Resist Him”, which was created by the artist Bill Stoneham. Since the purchase of this painting, it has been deemed one of the most haunted objects in the world. 


This painting is of a boy standing next to an eerie and creepy doll and they are both standing in front of a glass door. The painting was created in the year 1972 and was first bought by famous Hollywood actor John Marley. After he held possession of this painting, it was then bought by a California couple before going up on eBay. The posting about this painting included various warnings about the problems all of the previous owners had while they had owned this eerie painting.

According to the California couple, the figures on the painting would start to move around at night and there were a few times where the canvas would appear blank, meaning that the boy and the doll had just vanished off of the painting. The claims of the problems with this painting continued as the couple claimed that the boy would appear in the room wherever the painting was hung, and guests of the couple would feel sick and weak after admiring the painting. Children had been reported of running away from the painting after taking one look at it, screaming as they raced down the halls. Other reports circulating this painting included adults feeling unseen hands touch them on various parts of their body and that people felt a strong gust of hot air whenever they came across the painting, almost as if someone had opened an oven right in their face to check on dinner.

What gets even creepier about this problematic painting is that people who viewed this painting online started to feel sick and weak whenever they looked at it. They also felt a sense of dread, became very unease, and had a strong sense of terror when observing the painting on eBay. One claim from a customer is that when they tried to print out a picture of this image, their printer refused to print it and appeared to be broken, but the printer worked perfectly fine after that when the customer had other print jobs to do.


After all of these claims, the painting has since been purchased by a gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. When the art gallery had the painting in their possession, they actually reached out to the original artist of the painting to inform him of all the paranormal activity associated with it. He was shocked that it had become an epicenter for such extremely paranormal activity and recalled to the worker he was speaking with that two people who originally displayed and reviewed the painting had unfortunately passed away within a year of reviewing it.

5. Anna Baker’s Wedding Dress

Anna Baker's Wedding Dress
Anna Baker’s dream and beloved wedding dress on display in the Baker’s museum. 

Source: Emadion


In 1849, Anna Baker was a girl from a rich family and fell helplessly in love with a low class iron worker. However, her father, Ellis Baker, disapproved of the man his daughter fell head over heels for and banished him from seeing her and his family again, and even took it a step further and banished him from their hometown in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Because of the actions of his daughter, he doomed her for a life of spinsterhood. Anna became full of hate and bitterness because of what her father did, refusing to fall in love with anyone, nor marrying anyone, and remained cold hearted and bitter until her death in the year of 1914.

Before the events that took place of her father banishing her true love, Anna had taken the liberty to purchase a beautiful wedding dress, her dream dress as some say, that she was going to wear at their wedding. Since the wedding was obviously called off by her father, another wealthy family purchased the dress for their daughter Elizabeth Dysart. She wore the dress instead and started to boast about how she owned it and how beautiful it was, gloating to anyone and everyone who would listen to her. Years after Elizabeth gloated around in the dress, it was donated to a historical society and the Baker mansion soon turned into a museum for people to visit. The dress that Anna fell so deeply in love with was respectfully put inside of a glass case and displayed in her bedroom. After Anna’s death, though, visitors of this museum exclaimed that they can see her wedding dress move all on its own, and is more likely to be seen to move on full moons. People describe the movement of the dress as if someone was wearing it and is swaying from side to side as if they are admiring themselves wearing it in the mirror.

Investigators of this dress try to conjure up other logical explanations of this dress moving on its own but have unfortunately come up empty handed. No one can explain why this dress moves by itself since its protected by a glass case, but people still speculate that Anna Baker finally reclaimed her beloved dress.


6. The Myrtle’s Plantation Mirror

The Myrtle's Plantation Mirror
Here is an image of the actual mirror inside of the Myrtle’s Plantation home where a figure is circled. Do you think it is a shadow figure? 

Source: YouTube

If you have ever vacationed down in Louisiana or are a fan of the hit television series Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, then you are well aware of the Myrtle’s Plantation and the cursed mirror it has inside of its home. It has been deemed one of the most haunted homes in the United States and is one of the most haunted bed and breakfasts’ around the world. The plantation itself dates back to 1796 and has ironically been built on a Native American Burial Ground, one of the worst places to build a home. It is rumored that ten murders have occurred at the Myrtle Plantation and paranormal activity occurs daily for the guests residing inside of this lovely bed and breakfast.


Added to this haunted home in 1980 was a mirror that was placed in one of the main hallways that guests walk by every single day. As guests walk by this mirror, they have reported that they see figures lurking next to them in the reflection and have exclaimed that child size handprints appear on the mirror randomly- and sometimes there are no children residing inside of the home. The legend of this mirror tells that Sara Woodruff and her children possess this haunted mirror. Sara and her children were sadly poisoned to death in their home, making people understand why there are sometimes children’s handprints on the mirror. Custom dictates that mirrors should be covered after a person dies near it so that way the spirit or spirits do not become trap within the mirror; however, this is not the case at the Myrtle’s Plantation. The haunted mirror was not covered after the death of Sara and her children, indicating that Sara’s spirit is still alive and well within the mirror as well as her children’s spirits.

7. “The Anguished Man”

The Anguished Man
The creepy picture of the Anguished Man where the artist mixed his own blood into the paint. 

Source: Cool Interesting Stuff


This haunting painting was hidden in Sean Robinson’s grandmothers attic for twenty five years before he inherited from her. Before claiming ownership of this creepy painting, his grandmother warned him that the painting was evil and told him that the artist who originally created this painting used his very own blood to paint with, after mixing it with the regular paint of course, and sadly killed himself shortly after the painting was completed. She also explained to her grandson that the reason why she had locked up this painting was because she started to hear voices and crying whenever the painting was displayed in her home and that she would occasionally see a shadowy figure of a man in her home.

Once Robinson had it in his home, him and his family started to have the strange phenomena his grandmother had experienced in her own home. One of the extreme events that had occurred in their home was that their son fell down the stairs, but other claims included his wife telling him that she felt someone stroking her hair, they saw the same shadowy figure his grandmother did, and they even heard faint cries every now and then.

Disturbed by all of the strange phenomena occurring in his house, Robinson decided to set up a camera to record everything that was happening. His YouTube videos consisted of doors slamming on their own, smoke rising on its own inside of the house, and the painting strangely falling every now and then on its own when no one was banging inside of the house or anything. All of these events forced Robinson to hide it in the cellar, but he still refuses to sell it to anyone. To watch one of Robinson’s YouTube videos, click here.


8. Robert the Doll

Robert the Doll
Robert sitting innocently in his glass case. That doesn’t look like the face of evil, does it?

Source: Slate

Are you surprised there is another haunted and cursed doll on this list? Referring back to the television show Ghost Adventures, lead investigator Zak Bagans brought Robert on an investigation once when he was investigating the Island of the Dolls, and what had happened with this doll fit the claims others had made about Robert. Before their investigation, though, Zak was severely warned that he should not do ANYTHING with Robert because he was so dangerously haunted and cursed that any type of activity with him, even just touching him, can provoke the spirit that possesses him.


The story of Robert starts in 1896 where this possessed doll belonged to a child by the name of Robert Eugene Otto, located in Key West, Florida. This doll was specifically given to Robert by one of the family’s servants because they strongly disliked the family- and dabbled in black magic. Robert fell in love with his doll and would spend countless hours talking with him, almost as if the doll was alive and communicating back with him. Servants within the home, though, started to become deeply concerned about the doll because they started to claim that they would hear phantom voices talking back to Robert and neighbors reported that they would see this cursed doll roaming from window to window when no one was home.

The doll soon started to wreck havoc inside the Otto home and Robert became terrified of the doll. He told his parents it wasn’t him creating all of this mayhem, which included: rooms being messed up, vases smashed around the home, and other destructive things. Robert continued to be blamed for the actions of this doll, even though each time he denied the allegations his voice was filled with fright and terror.

Robert soon inherited the house and sadly passed away in 1972, making the house available for a new family to come and purchase it. The little girl of the family who had moved in had found the doll in the attic and was instantly afraid of it. She exclaimed that the doll was in fact alive and told her repeatedly that it wanted to kill her. The doll eventually was stored in an art gallery and historical museum in Key West, where it sits on display today. People who have flocked to visit the museum to see Robert the Doll ask permission to take a picture of Robert because, as legend has it, if a person does not ask to take a picture of Robert, they become severely cursed. The museum also has letters from cursed individuals to show that they are apologizing excessively to Robert for not asking permission to take a picture of him and plead to be released from the spell he has put on them.


9. Busby’s Stoop Chair

Busby's Stoop Chair
Busby’s chair hanging in the museum so no one can sit on it. 

Source: Soap Box Corner

In the year 1702, a murderer by the name of Thomas Busby was about to be hanged for the crimes he had committed. Since people on death row get one final request and one last meal, he requested to have his final meal at his favorite pub in Thirsk, England. After he had finished his meal, he stood up and faced the other customers in the pub. He told them: “May sudden death come to anyone who dare sit in my chair”.


The chair then remained in Busby’s favorite pub for centuries and became a game of dare for patrons of the pub- they started to dare one another to sit on the chair. During WWII, though, airmen that were by the nearby base would come into this pub to eat and, not knowing the story of the chair, would sit down in it and enjoy their meal. Patrons of the pub, though, noticed whomever sat in the chair never returned from the war.

Flashing forward to the year 1967, two Royal Air Force pilots decided to sit in the chair and crashed their truck into a tree shortly after they left the pub. In the year 1970, a person decided to test the tales of the chair and took a seat in it, only to die later in that afternoon by falling into a hole where he was working. A year later, a roofer sat in the chair and died after the roof he was working on that day had collapsed beneath him. Another deadly tale of this chair is when the cleaning lady for the pub accidentally tripped over the chair and soon died from a brain tumor.

The list of these dreadful tales of this cursed chair can go on and on, but the pub owner was finally forced to move the chair down to the basement. The basement was thought to be a safe place; however, the pub owner soon found out it wasn’t when the chair claimed yet another victim. A delivery man was storing packages in the storage room one day and decided to take a rest on the seat, making him die in a car crash later in the day.


A year later, in the year 1972, the pub owner donated the chair to a local museum. The way the museum displays this chair is strange but smart. They hang it five feet from the air so no visitors of the museum mistakingly sit in the chair and put themselves in an unavoidable death.

10. The Dibbuk Box

The Dibbuk Box
The creepy and horrifying dibbuk box. 

Source: Historic Mysteries


What is a dibbuk box? According to Jewish folklore, a dibbuk box is a wine cabinet that is said to be haunted by a restless, evil spirit that is rumored to be capable of haunting and possessing the living. This dibbuk box on this list, though, grew to fame after it was listed on eBay with a haunting backstory.

In September, 2001, the dibbuk box story begins with an antique buyer and refinisher attending an estate sale that took place in Portland, Oregon. This particular estate sale was the sale of all belongings of a deceased 103-year-old woman and when the granddaughter noticed that the antique buyer had purchased a wooden wine cabinet, she decided to fill him in on the backstory of it. The granddaughter informed the antique buyer that her grandmother was Jewish and was the only family member to survive the Nazis concentration camp during WWII. When her grandmother had immigrated to the United States, the only things she took with her was the wooden cabinet box and two other items that survived with her.

The granddaughter continued to explain that the wine cabinet was always stored away and hidden because the grandmother informed her that the cabinet should never, ever be opened. Why? It contained an evil and malicious spirit called a dibbuk. Her grandmother requested that the box were to be buried with her when her time came, but it went against the Jewish tradition of burying someone, so the family neglected to obliged the grandmother’s request. The antique buyer listened intently to the story and once it was finished, he asked the granddaughter if she wanted to keep it for sentimental reasonings. The granddaughter refused immediately and spat at him that they made a deal and he’s keeping it.


The dealer continued on with his day and brought the box to his shop, where he stored it in the basement. Almost instantly, strange and weird things started to occur in his workshop. One day, he received a call from his assistant who was in a complete frantic state, exclaiming that the lights had gone out, the doors and security gates were locked, and she heard horrid and terrifying sounds coming from the basement. He raced to the shop and upon arrival, he noticed there was a stench of cat urine lingering in the air and all of the light bulbs in his shop had been smashed.

The dealer then decided to give the wine cabinet box to his mother and soon after receiving it, she suffered a severe stroke. While lying in the hospital, she spelled out “HATE GIFT” to her son as tears streamed uncontrollably down her face. He then went out to seek new owners of the box, but it was always returned to him after a few days of people having possession of it. People told him they simply did not like it while others claimed that they felt there was something evil associated with it. After not being able to get rid of the box, he started to suffer from a grueling nightmare that was a constant one for him. He soon discovered that the family members who had been around the box were experiencing the same dream; and, to add to the nightmare he kept having, he started to see shadowy figures dart around in other rooms.

He soon gave in and proclaimed that there was something paranormal associated with the box and dove into research about it. While he was researching, though, he fell asleep at the computer and when he awoke, he felt something breathing heavy down his neck. He immediately turned around and saw a large shadow figure dashing down the hallway. He proceeded to list this wine cabinet box on eBay, giving a very descriptive explanation of the box and the events that have occurred involving it.


Soon, Jason Haxton purchased the box, a curator of a medical museum in Missouri. He then wrote a book about all of the strange and paranormal occurrences that revolved around the dibbuk box, which sparked the hit movie The Possession in 2012.

These cursed, haunted objects are ones that are not to be messed around with. They have led to multiple deaths and have been rumored to cursing people because they were careless with the object or did not believe the tales of it. Haunted objects of any sort are not ones to be taken lightly because you never know what kind of spirit is attached to it and what kind of havoc that could be released into your home. Be careful if you stumble across one of these objects and listen to the tales and the warnings. You don’t want to end up cursed, do you?