12 Of The Most Disgusting Moments In The Saw Movies Franchise That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Saw movie franchise has some disgusting moments.

But then again what would you expect from movies that promise intricate and deadly traps mainly to kill people while we chuckle? So that is why we have compiled some of our favorite grisly moments from the saw movies. The first movie might have been the greatest, but it was definitely not as grisly.

Beware that there are going to be NSFW moments ahead. And also quite a lot of spoilers but that is given. So scroll on below and take a look at the most disgusting moments in the Saw movies ranked from the worst to best.

#12 Giving a leg up – Jigsaw

This scene might be on number 12 but doesn’t mean it’s not horrific on its own. So what do we learn from this? Jigsaw is not a big fan of cheaters. Who knew?

#11 The blocks of ice – Saw IV

Okay so this one is in this spot because it might sound horrible, the execution is done horribly. Maybe that’s why it ends being hilarious rather than horrific.

#10 Needle pit – Saw II

This one is just big ouch. I remember seeing it in the theaters, and there was a permanent cringe expression on my face the whole time she was trying to find the right needle. Literally trying to find a needle in a haystack.(Or a huge pile of needles)

#9 Face slice – Saw IV

Jigsaw’s first ever trap might have been deceptively simple, but it was also quite brutal.  After all who doesn’t like to see someones face cut up into several parts?

#8 The Hand Trap – Saw II

This one was just excruciating to watch. Didn’t she realize that it was booby trapped?

#7 The Pendulum – Saw V

What would one rather do? Get disemboweled or drill your own hands? Quite a tough choice eh?

#6 Scalping machine – Saw IV

I don’t recommend watching this one if you have long hair. You’ll literally feel the pain in your scalp.

#5 Reverse bear trap – Saw VI, Saw 3D, Saw

Many people have escaped from this reverse bear trap, but Jill in Saw 3D was not so lucky, so we got to watch her face ripped open.

#4 Blind/mute tug-of-war Saw IV

Only one word can explain this trap, and that is utter confusion. Do I need to say more?

#3 The venus fly trap – Saw II

We have another choice here! Either dig a key from your own eye socket or get your head squashed in. Your choice.

#2  The limb twister – Saw III

This trap is quite simple really. It only twists your arms off. Then your legs and last but not the least your head.

#1 Drowning in fetid pig – Saw III

I say with all seriousness that this is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve watched human centipede. I don’t recommend eating anything before this.

Any of your favorite moments in these movies that we missed? Comment on below and let us know! Still not feeling disgusted? Not creeped out at all? Well, then why not visit the website as we have loads of more stuff that will definitely freak you out.

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