The interest and love for horror stories are never-ending.

Especially for those people who crave for that sudden adrenaline rush right after you see or read something really horrific and terrifying. Fast heartbeat and the shortness of breath adds to the thrill of it and makes everything many times more exciting. So if you are into all this then we have just the thing you need. We have compiled for you short two-line horror stories that will leave you terrified and give you chills.

Here are the best of stories that people from Reddit shared.

#1 Clearly you are not gonna relax alone tonight!

#2 That’s f*cked up

#3 He felt WHAT?

#4 And they thought they were alone all along

#5 Now that’s actually terrifying.

#6 Imagine death by asphyxiation.

#7 This one will send chills down your spine.

#8 Seems like his time is up too.

#9 Unreal

#10 Try living with that.

#11 Either too sloppy and drunk or approaching the end.

#12 And here’s the best one.