Funko is among the best and most innovative in the creation of pop culture products, and are home to the adorable POP! Vinyl figures we all know and love.

While we are used to collecting small 3/4-inch models, POP! Vinyl has now released a monstrous 6-foot model in the form of an Arachnid from Starship Troopers.

The insanely large POP! Vinyl figure is exclusive to those who attend the Emerald City Comic-Con. To find out more about the upcoming event, go over to

“Emerald City Comic Con is the show for creators and fans alike. ECCC is a celebration of fandom from every corner of the nerdy galaxy, coming together in an inclusive, creative, and collaborative atmosphere each year in downtown Seattle.”

Along with being able to purchase the 6-foot tall Arachnid, event-goers will also get to meet the man behind Marvel’s Hulk, Mark Ruffalo.

Emerald City Comic-Con will be held from March 12 to March 15.