The new film by the director of From Dusk Till Dawn, Alita:Battle Angel and Sin City (co director) won’t be a big budget blockbuster. In fact, it’ll be the exact opposite.

Looking to get back to his very low budget beginnings, Robert Rodriguez has ensured that his new horror movie clocks in at whopping budget of… 7000 dollars. No there aren’t zeroes missing. Seven thousand dollars.

The movie, which Rodriguez’s wrote with his son, is based around his own experiences in a medical research facility and is named ‘Red 11′. The plot centres around a young man’s experiences volunteering to take an experimental drug in an effort to pay off a debt of, you guessed it, 7000 dollars.

Incidentally, a small budget doesn’t necessarily mean a small return. This isn’t the first time that Rodriguez has worked to this comparatively minuscule figure. His first movie, El Mariarchi was also made for that magic 7000. It went on to make 2 million.

The movie has been picked up by Tubi and will be available to stream in the summer.