Water and death have always been linked since the start of time. From Viking funerals to baptism, death and rebirth in bodies of water are symbolic in cultures from all over the world. Concerning that, haunted bodies of water no longer come as a surprise. These pools of endless energy attract far more than the mortals looking for a skinny dip – they lure spirits and the ghosts of those led astray.

Some of the most haunted bodies of water from all over the world are listed below.

Devil’s Pool, Babinda, Queensland, Australia

Devil’s Pool
Source: Paranormal Investigating

Aboriginal lore goes to say that the Devil’s Pool is haunted by a woman called Oolana who plunged to death once her lover abandoned her. Visitors to the place have witnessed a mysterious woman roaming around in the pond. Many young men have fallen to their death, lured by the spirit of Oolana.

Manchac Swamp, Louisiana, USA

Manchac Swamp
Source: Paranormal Investigating

The Manchac Swamp in Louisiana is far creepier than your usual swamp. There are plenty of ghostly dwellers that live in it. The infamous Cajun Rougarou (a werewolf-like creature) has made the swamp its home as well as Julia Brown (or White based on who tells the story). She is a voodoo queen who notably said to a crowd of people, “When I die, I’m taking all of you with me.”  No one took her seriously, but on the day of her demise, the great 1915 hurricane struck leaving hundreds dead in its wake.

White Rock Lake, Texas, USA

White Rock Lake
Source: Paranormal Investigating

The White Rock Lake in Texas is haunted by the Lady in White. It is said that if you see her late at night, she will ask for a ride. Once you arrive at her destination, she will disappear.

Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, USA

Cottonwood Canyon
Source: Paranormal Investigating

In Midvale, Utah, in Cottonwood Canyon, a river runs through the campgrounds. It is known to swell up and take the lives of campers and swimmers. For those who wish to witness the spirits that dwell within, visiting the banks of the river in May will do the trick. Upon closing your eyes and counting to three, the ghosts and summoned. Once you open your eyes, you get to witness them.

Bride’s Pool, Hong Kong

Bride’s Pool
Source: Paranormal Investigating

The gorgeous Bride’s Pool in Hong Kong is rampant with hauntings and citizens tend to steer clear of it. According to legend, a horde of pirates killed an entire village and dumped the bodies in the pool. To date, water spirits are known to stand in wait to possess the soul of any unwary child who falls within the pool’s depths.

With plenty of haunted places all over the world, haunted lakes were not another item we needed on that list. However, it appears as if the darkness present in the world has a way of prevailing and emerging in all forms, and places.