Home Halloween These Flying Bat Succulent Holders Adds Charm To Your Halloween Decor

These Flying Bat Succulent Holders Adds Charm To Your Halloween Decor

These Flying Bat Succulent Holders Adds Charm To Your Halloween Decor

Halloween is often filled with a collection of creepy ghosts, horrifying monsters, and everything scary. And although they’re all perfectly reasonable for your haunting decor, sometimes, you just need to add a little charm to enhance your decorations.


Whether that’s in the form of harmless pumpkins, floating witch hat lights, or these flying bat succulent holders, Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Speaking of the flying bat succulent holders, they’re terrifyingly adorable, are handmade in Italy, and can be used as a hanging vase or simply for decoration.

Credit – TramaiCeramics on Etsy

The delicate little plant pots are made by Marina of TramaiCeramics, and her little designs have been the attention of shoppers in recent times.

Alcantara strings feed through the three holes in each succulent holder, which is then tied onto an object to make them flying vases.

Buyers can choose between 3 different sizes:

  • SMALL – the more compact of the three sizes has a width of 10 cm, a height of 8 cm, and a length of 5.5 cm. The sting length amounts to around 18 cm.
  • MEDIUM – a more common option than the other two, the medium has a width of around 11 cm, a height of around 10 cm, and a length of around 7 cm. Its string length measured at around 20 cm.
  • LARGE – With a width of about 16 cm, a height of about 13 cm, and the length at about 8 cm – alongside the length of its cord, which comes to about 24 cm – this is the biggest of the collection.

While the plant pots are great for anybody’s Halloween decorations, their design means that they can also be given as a gift no matter the time of year.

The two little wings, sharp teeth, long ears, and small legs really give the succulent planters a really engaging and highly unique look.

Will you be gifting yourself or a loved one an exceptional flying bat succulent holder? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.