Home Horror 10+ Most Horrifying Events/Character’s Created By Stephen King

10+ Most Horrifying Events/Character’s Created By Stephen King

10+ Most Horrifying Events/Character’s Created By Stephen King

(Stephen King spoilers to follow, they are worth it but you have been warned)


Stephen King is undeniably the King (get it?) of modern day literature horror. He has no problem setting the scene for a likable character only to kill him off soon after.  He also likes to display the worst of what humanity is capable of. Here are The 19 Most Horrifying Moments and Characters that Stephen King has ever produced.  

Stephen King’s 19 Most Horrifying Events You Must Check Out

1. The Long Walk

A novel by Stephen King revolves around a dystopian future where to win a large sum of money, one must successfully be the last man standing of ‘The Long Walk.’ I won’t give all the details and it might not seem too interesting, but it is one of the more intense novels that I have read by Stephen King.


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2. Richard Vickers

In Creepshow, After finding out that his wife is cheating on him, he takes the man she has been cheating with and buries him in sand up to his head. He then watches high tide begin to wash over the stuck out head from his beach house.

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3. Death of a child in Pet Sematary

There is nothing worse than the death of a child, in any capacity. However, in Pet Sematary when the child is killed by a semi-truck, it’s another story. But don’t get too upset though, Gabe will be back just maybe not how you remember him.

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4. Feet in Misery

Annie Wilkies, in her crazy mind, takes actions to make sure her favorite writer doesn’t leave her home in the novel Misery. How she does this is by cutting off his feet with an ax and soldering the wounds with a blowtorch.


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5. The Raggedy Man

The Cell is Stephen King’s version of a zombie novel, except the zombies are led by one man, The Raggedy Man. He is an ex-Harvard student that is incredibly smart and in control of the zombies via his mind which makes him extremely dangerous.

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6. Dreamcatcher Toilet Monster

I am going to put it all on the table, a character loses a fight with a toilet monster and is consumed by it. In Dreamcatcher Beaver is fighting against the toilet monster, only to have his fate is sealed when he shifts his weight around.

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7. Craig Toomey

If there is one character that is the definition of rage, it’s Craig Toomey. From the novel The Langolier’s, he is the main antagonist and he is motivated purely by rage. I won’t spoil his actions, but they can’t be topped.


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8. The Hedges of the Overlook Hotel

The Shining film version skims over the hedge scene, but it is considered the terrifying moments of the novel version. Danny is chased by the hedge maze as it tries to grab him and never let him go. One thing is for sure, you will never look at hedges the same way again.

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9. Big Jim and Karma

In Under The Dome, Big Jim is stuck in a bunker with his lackey. His paranoia takes over and he kills his lackey only to leave the bunker and asphyxiate in the poisonous gaseous air. This is karma at work and it really is merciless.

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10. The Death of Carrie

While Carrie might not be your favorite character, you can’t help but root for her a little bit. So when she is stopped mid-rampage by getting run over by a car, you are left shocked and saddened.


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11. Mrs. Masey

The Shining does a good job of making the transition from the book to movie. Jack Nicholson is amazing, but the reveal of the rotting corpse of Mrs. Masey is enough to give you chills. If you having trouble remembering who that is, it’s the rotting old woman that Jack got to first base with.

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12. The Children of the Corn Appearance

Imagine walking through a seemingly abandoned town, when children begin to appear out of nowhere. The Children of the Corn set up a haunting atmosphere of uncertainty and confusion. If that wasn’t enough, the head of the children’s cult will really increase the creep factor.

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13. The Mangler Waiting

The trope of haunted machinery has a special place in B-rated films. However, when this is met with Stephen King mind, The Mangler sets up the impending death of anyone that interacts with it.


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14. Dolores Checks on Her Husband

Dolores Claiborne reads more like a drama than a classic King novel. However, after taking care of her abusive and rapist husband, she throws him in a well still alive and with the intention of him dying there. But he doesn’t wind up dying in the well so she has to come back to finish the job.

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15. Cujo Waiting Game

Stephen King knows tension, and Cujo is no different. If you have ever wondered what a waiting game with a rabid Saint Bernard, then read this short story to find out who makes it out alive. It’s the rawest form of nature vs man and he nails it.

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16. IT, the Monster

Hopefully, in the newest adaptation of IT, they do justice to the clown that takes the form of people’s worst nightmares. So when a clown appears in the sewer with a red balloon, you had better turn around and run, because Georgie didn’t.


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17. The Fury of Carrie

After being embarrassed at her first ever school dance, the true force of Carrie White was being shown. She fought back against her bullies in full force of her powers and doesn’t give a damn who is injured in the process. The scenes to follow are bloody, brutal and relentlessly violent.

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18. Mother Carmody

Another example of human’s inept ability to turn evil so quickly. In The Mist, People are trapped in a supermarket as a deadly mist keeps them inside. Mother Carmody (A very vocal character in the story) without issue convinces the others that the mist is an act of God and human sacrifice is the only option.

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19. Demon R***

To help distract a demon in The Dark Tower, Susannah allows the demon to have s** with her. However, due to the supernatural s** scene, it creates an unsettling moment that makes you squirm. If that wasn’t enough for you, then I will have you know that the demon gets her pregnant.


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