Artists are finding new, unique ways to transform a rather ordinary canvas into something spectacular, and this professional artist – Julia Wunderlich – has been turning herself into hauntingly mesmerizing monsters using makeup.

Her designs are so creepily detailed that her followers on social media have been using them as inspiration for their Halloween costumes, despite the holiday being three months away.

Credit – Metamorphosia FX

Wunderlich, the woman behind these terrifying makeup-monsters – who is also known as Metamorphosia FX – is a professional makeup and SFX artist from Germany.

Her phenomenal skill comes from eight years of makeup artistry, and she has begun sharing her unbelievable work with everybody on her official Instagram page – which you can find HERE!

You are able to browse through her 521-posts consisting of over 300 makeup designs in utter disbelief. While they’re all outstanding, we have picked a few to share with you to showcase the artist’s talent.

Here, Wunderlich has been replaced by a flesh-eating predator preparing to devour its prey.

This design sees the artist become the undead as she resembles a decaying zombie out for blood (or brains depending on your preferences).

Finally, her portrayal of Regan from ‘The Exorcist’ is almost as eye-catching and spine-tingling as the original.

Her artwork expands beyond the few we shared with you, so make sure you go over and check out her creepy designs on her official Instagram page in the link above.

What do you think of the artist’s designs? Be sure to share your opinions with us in the comments below.