Home Animals Meet This Rare Python With A Jack O’ Lantern Patch On Its Skin

Meet This Rare Python With A Jack O’ Lantern Patch On Its Skin

Meet This Rare Python With A Jack O’ Lantern Patch On Its Skin

Jack O’ Lanterns are strongly related to horror and Halloween. While snakes are not so popular in relation to the creepy holiday, this snake has become extremely famous for its highly unique pattern sprawled across its body.

Piebald Ball Pythons are showcasing their beautifully haunting pumpkin designs and while matched with their white body, they are really mesmerizing.

The Pythons have pigmented spots splashed around their body that strongly resembles the infamous Jack O’ Lantern pattern and the amazing thing is, they’re born with it!

Reported by World of Ball Pythons, the white surrounding their body has a typically random amount occurrence between each snake, making it, of course, one of the most beautiful species of Python.

As you can see below, the majestic looking snakes are even more eye-catching thanks to their familiar design pasted across their body.

This absolutely perfect representation of the Piebald Ball Pythons proves just how outstanding this little creature can be, and although you can’t use them as live Halloween decorations (for obvious reasons), you can appreciate the beauty radiating from these leg-less animals.

Another excellent example of the Jack O’ Lantern appearing on these pythons’ skin is this. It does have quite a lot more white than the first picture, but the scary-looking pumpkin remains present.

Ball Pythons, also known as Royal Pythons, are native to West and Central Africa, more commonly, these snakes can be found in grass land and open forests.

They spend most of their time camping out underground in burrows and do most of their activity during night time. You can find Ball Pythons in areas that are being or have been cleared for farming.

**We do not recommend that you have these as a pet. They are difficult to keep and should only be handled by an expert**