Finally, after almost 23 years, Mortal Kombat will introduce another movie to their list, but this time, the iconic video game series will get the beloved ‘R’ rating.

One of Mortal Kombat’s main attractions remains to be the graphic and gory fatalities, and now fans will get to witness all of the brutal deaths on the big screen.

This rumor was confirmed by writer, Greg Russo, on Twitter sometime last year. He had this to say.

This is the first time (third in total) we will get to see Mortal Kombat on the big screen since Mortal Kombat: Annihilation’s release back in 1997, and with the addition of fatalities, we expect the new movie, which is expected to be in our theatres sometime in early 2021, to far exceed its predecessor which managed to gain a pitiful 3.7 user rating on IMDb.