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The Perfect Ice-Cream That Will Satisfy Your Dark Soul

The Perfect Ice-Cream That Will Satisfy Your Dark Soul

The perfect Ice-cream for all the Gothic people.

If you have adopted the gothic lifestyle or if you are even just fascinated by it, then we have some news for you. We have a dessert that will serve as the missing piece of the puzzle and will complete your life. We present you the delicious glossy pitch-black Ice Cream Cone. It is a perfect delicacy that will satisfy your inner demon.


Pitch-Black Glossy Ice-Cream Cone.

Photo Credits: Simplemost

It is now readily available at Little Damage Ice Cream Shop in Los Angeles.


Unicorn Monstrosity.

Photo Credit: Business Insider

The ice-cream has already made its way to instagram, and with each passing day, more people are becoming fans of it. Some people believe the ice cream was made in response to a colorful drink by Starbucks, called the unicorn monstrosity. This drink is in perfect contrast with the dark-ice-cream.

Dark Ice-Cream with Toppings.

Photo Credit: Geyser of Awesome

And just in case if things get a bit too DARK, you can always lighten up the mood by adding some colorful sprinkles and other toppings to your cone.

Multiple Flavors.

Photo Credit: Geyser of Awesome

That’s not all. There are many other delicious flavors too that can go with your primary flavor of ice-cream. As they say, the more, the better!


Black Coconut Ash Ice Cream


The little Damage in Los Angeles isn’t the only shop selling dark ice cream. Recently Morgenstern’s in New York City also launched their Black Coconut Ash Ice Cream, and it’s as great as it looks.

Different Flavors of the same kind.

Photo Credit: Riot Fest

You can hope to find slightly different flavors of the same Dark Ice Cream in these shops. And also be sure to pick the black cone just to make it even more interesting!

So, what are your thoughts on all this? Is your dark side satisfied with what you have just seen? Comment below and let us know!